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Alcohol Detox and withdrawal symptoms will depend on the severity of the chemical dependency. Detox from alcohol should always be monitored by a medical professional due to the increased risk for seizures. If you are looking to stop using alcohol or are a family member who is trying to help someone detox, do not stop cold turkey without consulting a medical professional first. Alcohol detox usually takes a week to 10 days to clear from the system. The most common withdrawal symptoms include shakes, sweats, increased anxiety and delirium tremens (DTs). The most dangerous symptoms are DTs which are characterized by confusion and rapid heartbeat, and have shown a 1-5% death rate.

Alcohol Detox Treatment Centers

The recommendation for alcohol detoxification should be done in a licensed inpatient or residential setting with a licensed medical team for increased safety and the best outcome.  The treatment program will consists of a full treatment team including a psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, and 24 hour support staff.

This is urgent and potentially life threatening, don’t wait, get in a safe and comfortable alcohol detox today! Call to connect with an alcohol detox at (866) 644-7911 and receive care and compassion.

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Example of an Alcohol Detox

Example of an Alcohol Detox


For individuals looking for treatment options for mental health and addiction conditions, offers a confidential helpline that provides assistance. Treatment Specialists are standing by to answer your questions and provide treatment recommendations based on your unique needs.

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If you are looking for a specific treatment provider, you can search our treatment directory and see if they are listed. You can also contact our helpline at 866-644-7911 for any questions, or visit SAMHSA.

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