Alcohol Recovery

Finding Alcohol Recovery Hope After Years of Consequences

Alcohol and drug addiction can lead us down the rabbit hole, causing a domino affect of negative consequences. It may be gradual or it can happen very quickly, but no matter what, addiction has nothing promising to offer. The only good news that I have ever heard from addiction is the recovery that is gained.

I came across this inspiring story of alcohol recovery on the “This Naked Mind” by a women by the name of Linsey. She had started drinking in high school and struggled greatly throughout her 20’s and 30’s. She shares her consequences of alcoholism and how it affected her entire life. The alcohol addiction caused destruction in her relationships, jobs, legally, and ultimately her role as a mother. Read Linsey’s Full Story

Linsey’s story was Featured on the “This Naked Mind” a book and an audio book that is designed to help the mind recover from addiction through an educational process that you are able to do in the comfort of your own home and with the flexibility of your schedule.

Consequences of Alcoholism

As you can see with Linsey’s story, alcoholism is relentless and will continue tearing through a person’s life with no mercy. The effects of addiction on relationships with spouses, friends, family, and children are huge and will need to be addressed as well. Family treatment is available at many treatment centers across the country and should be sought to help the whole unit heal and find recovery. The effects on jobs and careers are significant making it hard to hold jobs, maintain and improve reputation, and to earn a living to support yourself or your family. Legal issues can start piling up if you find yourself getting DUI’s, Drunk in Public, or other alcohol or drug related offenses. These are just a few of the consequences that occur when in ones addiction, they just continue to pile up until recovery is received.

Seeking Alcohol Recovery Options

If you or someone you know has found yourself in a relationship with drugs or alcohol, its time to consider the options to get out alive and reclaim your life. The Treatment Specialist is a free nationwide detox, in house rehab, and outpatient treatment network dedicated to helping adults, teens, and families locate treatment options based on their unique needs and resources. Toll-Free Helpline: 866-644-7911

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