what happens in detox

What Happens in Detox

What Happens in Detox? Anyone who has made the courageous attempt to detox from drug or alcohol addiction alone is likely to have been humbled by the experience.  Not anticipating the intense discomfort that detox involves can lead to disappointment and feelings of despair unless guided and supported by addiction professionals.  Any hope of completing […]

Elderly Addiction Treatment Centers

Elderly Addiction Treatment Centers

Safe and High Quality Elderly Addiction Treatment Centers Among the senior population, a surprising problem with alcohol abuse is becoming increasingly concerning.  Surveys conducted in health care settings are exposing an increase of alcoholism among those aged 65 and older, according to a report published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).  The […]

Treatment Facility Locator

National Treatment Facility Locator

Treatment Facility Locator Matches Needs and Preferences through Vast Provider Network  The time has come to seriously address the need for you or your loved one to receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.  Just arriving at the realization that help is needed is the first important step in the journey to recovery. Faced […]


What to Expect During an Alcohol Detox

What to Expect During an Alcohol Detox Detox Differs Depending on the Severity of the Alcohol Addiction One of the most important decisions an individual can make in their entire lives is the decision to enter alcohol detox and get clean and sober. Quite literally, the remainder of the alcoholic’s life hinges on making that […]

effects of alcohol on womens bodies

Alcohol Abuse: Women Catching Up to Men

Effects of Alcohol on Womens Bodies Most of the western world is seeing an increase in alcohol abuse – in many different countries, female drinkers are the ones responsible for driving this growth. This is not a problem limited to the United States. It is happening globally. The gap between male and female consumption becomes […]

benefits of not drinking alcohol

Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol: Mind & Body

Review The Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol As most people know, there are plenty of compelling reasons to abstain from drug use. Not many people would argue the fact that quitting cocaine or heroin completely is a good idea. Alcohol is a trickier issue. Although there are many health risks involved with alcohol use, it […]

social drinker vs. alcoholic

Social Drinker vs. Alcoholic

The Line Between The Social Drinker vs. Alcoholic Alcoholism can devastate families, break apart relationships, and ruin career opportunities. While social drinking can be a normal part of life, it can also easily devolve into alcohol dependency. This transition often happens slowly over years of social drinking, so the line between social drinking and alcoholism is blurred. What […]

Alcohol Related Hepatitis Treatment

Alcohol Related Hepatitis Treatment

Alcohol Related Hepatitis Treatment and Recovery The liver is a vital organ in a person’s body. It affects digestion, energy storage and rids the body of poisons. Hepatitis is the inflammation of this organ. Although typically hepatitis is caused by a virus, drugs and alcohol stress this organ and possibly cause the inflammation. Those who […]

Non 12 Step Rehab Michigan

Non 12 Step Rehab Michigan

Locate a Non 12 Step Rehab Michigan A non 12 step addiction recovery program has the potential to provide you with the tools and guidance that you or a loved one needs to stop abusing alcohol or other drugs and to stay clean and sober. Learn how non 12 step rehab programs can potentially succeed […]

Non 12 Step Programs for Alcoholism

Non 12 Step Programs for Alcoholism

Locating Non 12 Step Programs for Alcoholism Do you avoid treatment because you dropped out of your 12 step group and are more interested in finding a non 12 step program? Does your loved one refuse treatment because of not wanting to reveal personal details in 12 step groups? Do you want an individualized treatment […]