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Antisocial Personality Quiz

Our antisocial quiz is an easy and fast way to gauge your level of antisocial behavior. It takes less than two minutes to complete and will provide you with feedback about the level of your antisocial symptoms as well as some tips which may help. Your results may also indicate whether you might benefit from treatment.

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Do you use charm or wit to manipulate others for your own benefit?

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Do you consider yourself superior to others?

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Do you engage in unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behavior with no regard for the safety of self or others?

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Are you aggressive?

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If you hurt someone else’s feelings, do you lack remorse or guilt?

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Do you find yourself unable to empathize with others dealing with difficult situations?

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Have you ever engaged in criminal behavior?

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Do you consistently fail to fulfill financial obligations?

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Do you consistently fail to fulfill work obligations?

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Do you fail to plan ahead?

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Do you act impulsively?

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Do you repeatedly lie to or trick others for your own gain or pleasure?

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Would you like to be contacted with treatment options?

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