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Suicide Prevention

5 Ways to Support Suicide Prevention In a small, upscale enclave in South Orange County, California, three adolescents—in unrelated cases—made the tragic decision in 2016 to end their lives by suicide.  In 2018, already four high school teens, also in South County cities, have also died by suicide.  While the reasons for the spike in […]

Suboxone Doctor Locator

Suboxone Doctor Locator for Treatment of Opiate Addiction One of the more promising treatments for aiding in treatment for an opiate addiction is the use of a drug called Suboxone.  During recovery treatment, patients can begin to take Suboxone during detox and withdrawal to help reduce the highly uncomfortable opiate withdrawal symptoms, but mostly to […]

Borderline Personality Disorder Adolescent Treatment Centers

Borderline Personality Disorder Adolescent Treatment Centers Sometime during early adolescence your child started exhibiting unusual, and disturbing, behaviors.  Extreme moodiness, problems with schoolmates, and angry outbursts may have initially been attributed to the usual turmoil surrounding the onset of puberty and hormonal fluctuations.  But as time went on, it was becoming evident that your young […]