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Rehabilitation for Adrenaline Addiction

Isn’t it interesting how our personal temperaments can be so vastly different among one another? There are the super cautious types, the crazy risk-seeking types and varying degrees of these polar extremes populating the rest of the personality spectrum. Who knows what genetic markers buried deep in our DNA may fuel a particular personality type? […]

Huffing Freon Effects and Dangers in Teens

Inhalant abuse, or huffing, is the practice of inhaling vapors to experience intoxication.  Huffing is one of many types of high-risk recreational highs that teens or young adults may experiment with.  One of the chemicals used in huffing is the refrigerant called Freon.  Freon, the brand name for fluorinated hydrocarbons, is an odorless gas commonly […]

How Long Does it Take to Detox From Xanax?

When most people get a prescription for Xanax (alprazolam) it is because they are typically going through a difficult period emotionally and need some help managing the excessive stress or anxiety.  The problem with Xanax is that even taking the drug as prescribed can lead to addiction in short order.  Why?  Because tolerance to the […]

The Dangers of Potpourri Drug Addiction (K2 or Spice)

It may be hard to image that products named “Mr. Happy” or “Scooby Snax” might actually be deadly.  But the brightly packaged “potpourri” that is commonly sold in convenience stores across the country, abused by youth seeking a cheap and accessible high, can absolutely be exactly that, deadly. Potpourri drug addiction, also known as Spice […]

PTSD and Alcoholism Treatment Offered in Inpatient and Outpatient Settings

Alcohol continues to be the go-to substance that people may misuse when attempting to self-medicate the effects of a mental health disorder.  This is absolutely the case when it comes to individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.  Alcohol can set up an endorphin replacement cycle in the brain of someone who has suffered […]

Is Bipolar Disorder a Disability

Bipolar disorder, also referred to as manic-depression, is one of the more severe mental health disorders experienced, impacting over 6 million adult Americans, or 2.8% of the U.S. population.  Although the disorder is expressed in various degrees and with differing features, bipolar disorder generally involves extreme mood swings that can keep the individual completely off-balance.  […]