benefits to quit smoking weed

Learn About The Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed

Despite what many think, weed is an addictive habit. Usually people will feel benefits to begin with, when they start smoking, but in time, many describe circumstances that are no longer beneficial and a large proportion of people describe a life that is no life. They end up losing out as their habit takes control and what started out as a helpful escape or a bit of fun has become a completely different animal. You can read more about why you shouldn’t smoke weed here. Even if you are just a casual smoker and you only smoke weed once a week, this article could still be insightful for you to quit the habit. There are many benefits experienced from giving up the habit, ten of them are listed below:

Reason One Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Your physical health. Did you know that the THC contained in cannabis is capable of causing changes to the brain at a cellular level? This effectively means that users can experience slow thought processing and memory issues. This effect is cumulative and as users continue to use are at risk of permanent and lasting damage. It is especially damaging to the developing brain.

Cannabis can cause damage to the lungs and lead to respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis. It produces an increase in the heart rate which can lead to heart failure over time. Cannabis affects every system of the body and is particularly harsh on the immune system with users reporting a poorer than would be usual ability to ward off illness. Cannabis should not be used by those with a mental illness or with a family history of a mental illness as it can exacerbate the symptoms.

Reason Two Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Weed is a psychologically addictive substance and if you smoke it with tobacco you have an added difficulty as there is a physical element with addiction to nicotine also possible. The psychological addition can last for several years after quitting as the mind will always encourage you to go back to something that you enjoyed, even reminding you years later, so the quicker you break the cycle, the less of a problem it will become. A habit of years in the making is much harder to kick for good compared with a habit of say a few months.

Reason Three Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Weed does come with side effects. Many users report that they have to increase the amount they take over time to achieve the same ‘high’ that they used to feel. That is when the problem usually occurs. Regular or heavy users report tiredness, fatigue, paranoia and sluggishness, even depression when they are not using. There is a reported higher risk of suicide cases amongst cannabis users.

Reason Four Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

The cost. Weed can come at a heavy financial cost and often people who are in the grip of an addiction have already lost their job and have no means to support a growing habit. Most don’t grow their own marijuana and many end up in significant debt as they struggle to support their habit. Think of the money that is quite literally going up in smoke that could be used to fund a home or a holiday.

Reason Five Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Your social circle changes or diminishes. Your friends become other users. Family relationships often become strained due to difficult behaviors and even the most supportive of family members cannot maintain a relationship with a user. This often takes a heavy toll on the family member as they feel completely powerless, often harboring feelings of guilt. A parent wonders where they went wrong and a wife or husband may feel the only way for them to preserve their own sanity is to leave the relationship. The lifestyle associated with smoking weed is usually not conducive to having other friends who don’t smoke. Users often end up socially isolated, leading to more concern and worry amongst their direct family.

Reason Six Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

An inability to hold down a steady job or college place is common. This is often due to erratic sleeping and waking patterns, and a couldn’t are less attitude. Some users have had fabulous opportunities which have come to a crashing end as their habit has taken hold. Life after the habit is broken often involves a ‘catch up’ and regrets flood in as realisation dawns. They watch their former friends settled in jobs or relationships and have an uphill struggle to achieve what they had an easier opportunity to achieve at an earlier stage in their life.

Reason Seven Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Legal and Moral Issues. Cannabis is illegal in many countries of the world and users are often funding crime syndicates and other illegal activities.

Reason Eight Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Cannabis users often report weight gain as smoking increases the appetite often insatiably and the cravings are usually for sweet sugary foods. Weight gain can be considerable and this often has an effect on the users’ self-esteem. It leads to a very lethargic lifestyle and can often be very difficult to turn around. As cannabis causes a user to feel demotivated, exercise or healthy eating are certainly not going to be a priority.

Reason Nine Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Cannabis contains literally hundreds of chemicals. Since it is an illegal drug in many countries, there is no regulatory body associated with it. What about the purity? Plants are grown for profit and often under poor conditions. Cannabis has been known to contain heavy metals such as cadmium and arsenic as it absorbs them from the soil and the air. Heavy metals are known to cause a raft of problems within the body. They build up in the tissues of the body and can affect every one of our bodily systems, leading to some very serious and some chronic health problems not least of all cancer and heart disease. Purity cannot be guaranteed in an unregulated product and the truth is that users have absolutely no idea what they are smoking.

Reason Ten Benefits to Quit Smoking Weed –

Improved personal appearance and self-respect is reported amongst ex users. Many heavy users report feelings of guilt and lack the motivation to take care of themselves. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Users often procrastinate and live within a messy environment, fuelling their lack of personal respect. When the habit is broken, clarity returns and former users begin to take much more care of themselves and their appearance, self-respect returns.

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