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Finding the Best Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment

non 12 step drug rehab

After someone comes to terms with the fact that professional addiction treatment is necessary, one of the most important aspects people look for when selecting a recovery facility is which treatment option has proven to be the most successful. When entering into non 12 step drug rehab, people are getting the benefit of using an option that has a scientific background and quantifiable data to back up its success rate. Oftentimes people call our service and want to know which facility is top rated in their area. The truth is that while we have a number of best rated non 12 step treatment centers that we could recommend, the choice is far more personal.

Narrow down your Non 12 Step Drug Rehab search by asking these questions

If you are going to look through the available treatment facilities, you want to start narrowing down your options. Once you have started to exclude many of the options that do not apply to you or that you have no interest in, the list of available choices is far more manageable. From there, you can do your own research or discuss the choices with our professional counselors. These are a few of the important questions to ask:

  • How serious is the problem – For many people, this is difficult to quantify. However, that does not mean that people can simply skip over it. If you know that you or someone close to you have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction for prolonged periods of time and have tried to stop on your own several times, it makes sense to eliminate outpatient programs right away because it would only lead to failure down the road. Is the person dependent on benzodiazepines or alcohol? Those have withdrawal symptoms that are not just painful, but may be fatal if not treated correctly. These are all important factors to consider.
  • Does the patient have special needs – You could find the most successful non 12 step addiction treatment on the planet, but if it does not cater to the specific needs of the individual, (i.e. vegan lifestyle, gluten free meals) chances are that people are not going to feel at home there. Remember that in order for a person to be successful in their recovery, they need to have all their focus on getting better. You want to make sure that the program fits your needs/lifestyle.
  • Money may be an issue – Unfortunately, you will not find top-rated non 12 step drug rehab offered as a free service. While the amount of money that the best inpatient facilities charge may seem steep at first, remember that this qualifies as an investment into a (sober) future. Perhaps you have insurance that you can rely on or maybe you are capable of taking out a loan. Money must never be the sole factor that people use to decide, but it will help you narrow down your available choices.
  • Where the facility is located – Sometimes you will need to travel in order to find the most successful non 12 step recovery facilities. People may be comfortable moving out of state to find help, but other times this may not be an option. You will need to decide for yourself how important it is for members of your family to have access. Others have legal issues that prevent them from leaving the state because of their battle with addiction.

Things You Will Want to Ask the Non 12 Step Facility

Remember that while non 12-step programs provide an important service that can help save a person’s life, it is still a commercial service that you are paying for. Because of that, you deserve to ask questions to ensure that you find the non 12 step program that matches your wishes. These are some important questions that you can ask to determine whether a program is right for you:

non 12-step programs provide an important service that can help save a person’s life

  • Ask about the average length of stay – Find out more about the recovery process before you enroll. There is a proven statistical benefit over the shorter programs when we look at top -rated inpatient recovery of 90 days or longer. These longer programs give a far better chance of long-term sobriety
  • How much does it cost to stay? – We have mentioned finances before, but it is always good to get this information in writing before you make your final decision. You would not be the first person to file for bankruptcy because of an unscrupulous provider.
  • Is it an accredited facility? – Many of the top-rated non-twelve step options will have some form of accreditation. You want to make sure it follows certain guidelines, to ensure that you are not entering some random facility.
  • Are there aftercare programs? – Having aftercare programs has become standard for many of the best-rated facilities. Having these aftercare services available drastically reduces the statistical likelihood of a relapse.
  • What is their staff to client ratio? – Make sure that staff has enough time to answer questions that you might have and that there is a chance for a personalized approach. Many who enter into recovery feel far more comfortable knowing that qualified personnel are available.
  • Do you have to be placed on a waiting list? – Countless studies have shown that those who delay seeking treatment often opt to not enter rehabilitation altogether. If someone agrees to seek professional drug recovery treatment, it is important to undertake action immediately to give him or her, the help that they need. If a spot is not available for another few months, it is best to keep looking for alternative options.

Remember that there is no one facility that is going to work for everyone, but if you are interested in finding the most successful drug treatment facilities near your location, we are able to help with that. If you are looking for someone to talk to about your problems, if you are looking for someone to help you narrow down your options or want to know the top rated facilities in your state, call our professional counselors right now.

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