Best Non 12 Step Rehab Programs

Best Non 12 Step Rehab Programs

If you have found that you or your loved one has not been able to connect with the 12 step philosophy and treatment elements, there are other non 12 step programs that have been designed with different approaches.  The most common non 12 step based program is a Dual Diagnosis rehab program or Evidence Based Rehab programs.  The difference between a 12 step program and a non 12 step program is that the core of the treatment elements is not based on 12 step elements and primarily the group process.  Most evidence based treatment rehabs focus on the underlying mental health and addiction conditions as the core center of the treatment program.  For people who are suffering from more severe mental health conditions and need a higher level of care, a non 12 step program might be the most appropriate option because they will need more individual time with a psychiatrist and therapist.

The Non 12-Step Rehab Elements

Most non 12 step rehab facilities will provide an individualized treatment plan and holistic approach. The treatment will typically provide individual assessments, individual cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, group processing therapy sessions, experiential therapy, and Smart Recovery support groups. Smart Recovery is different from the 12 step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous because it is not based on 12 steps.  Smart Recovery focuses more on self-empowerment and tools to reach self-reliance.  A non 12 step treatment program is an excellent option for someone who has tried other 12 step programs and has not found it effective or they are not interested in the 12 step philosophy.  There is no one size fits all program, and, having the choice between a 12 step program versus a non 12 step facility, gives you or your loved one an informed choice.

Locating The Best 12 Non Step Rehab

Understanding the difference between the various treatment philosophies and offerings, it is important to review your or your loved one’s history to determine what option and program would be the best fit. The Treatment Specialist team has removed the long hours on the phone researching multiple facilities by providing a free confidential telephone assessment and insurance verification.  Once the information is gathered, the team will review the rehab treatment network to begin the matching process. Call (866) 644-7911

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