Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback Therapy Infographic

If you haven’t heard of biofeedback therapy, it’s time to try something new. This treatment is continually being developed and has been proven to be useful in treating a variety of problems including high blood pressure, anxiety, neurological disorders and even digestion issues.

Biofeedback measures the body’s involuntary responses to electrodes in order to understand how bodily processes can be better controlled. Various types of biofeedback machines measure vital statistics such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and sweat glad activity. These measurements are then used by doctors and biofeedback therapists to find more suitable treatment options to regulate bodily responses.

This type of treatment is especially beneficial for patients who need alternative treatments that are not drug-based. It can also be combined with relaxation techniques and mental exercises to target certain health problems.

Biofeedback can safely be performed at home and is non-invasive with little side effects. Find out more about biofeedback therapy and its uses by reading through the great infographic from below.

biofeedback therapy


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