What is BPD?

What is BPD? Bipolar disorder (BPD) is complex mental health disorder with four different variations of the mood disorder. Living […]

Self Medicating Manic Depression

Manic depression, commonly referred to as bipolar disorder, is a complex mental health disorder that causes extreme and unpredictable shifts […]

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How to Help a Mentally Ill Relative

Seeing a loved one in distress can be heartbreaking. The family member may be displaying behaviors or physical signs of […]

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Too often, people who struggle with a mental illness resist getting the help they so desperately need. This may be […]

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Bipolar disorder, also referred to as manic-depression, is one of the more severe mental health disorders experienced, impacting over 6 […]

Depressive Episode

How to Stay Creative When Going Through a Manic or Depressive Episode Anyone who has dealt with mental illness is […]

Luxury Bipolar Disorder Facilities

Luxury Bipolar Disorder Facilities Provide Increased Privacy and Comfort Few mental health conditions are as disruptive to every facet of […]

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Treating the Entire Person at Holistic Bipolar Treatment Centers Bipolar disorder is one of the more challenging mental health disorders […]

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Understanding Mental Disorders with High Suicide Rates Most everyone has experienced the pain from the aftermath of suicide, whether is […]