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Am I Bipolar?

Have you been feeling symptoms of bipolar disorder? Feel free to fill out our easy form for a quick analysis of your current symptoms. There are a number of treatment options for bipolar disorder based on your unique symptoms and needs. At any time, please call to speak to a treatment specialist at (866) 644-7911 to learn more.

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Are you much more talkative or speaking much faster than usual?

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Are you much more active or doing many more things than usual?

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Do you have mood swings that make you feel incredibly irritable and/or anxious?

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Do you ever feel both high (elated) and low (depressed) at the same time?

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Does your self-confidence range from intense self-doubt to equally intense overconfidence?

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Is the quality of your work wildly inconsistent?

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Do you find yourself angry and hostile for no obvious reason?

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Are you sometimes greatly interested in being with people and at other times just want to be left alone with your thoughts?

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Do you sometimes feel intense optimism and sometimes equally intense pessimism?

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