Coping with The Holidays in Recovery

Coping with The Holidays in Recovery

The Holidays can be a stressful time for all involved from spending too much time socializing to rushing around trying to fit everything in, the busyness and stress can get to the best of us. There are ways you can de-stress naturally during the holiday season to make sure your body and mind stay healthy.

10 Natural Ways to De-stress During the Holidays

  1. Get Moving – Exercise can help those good endorphins kick in, helping the stress to dissolve a little. Try walking, yoga or lift some weights, to get the most benefit move for around 30 minutes a day.
  2. Keep a Journal – If you enjoy writing, keeping a journal can be therapeutic. Whether you are writing short stories, jotting down your feelings, or keeping notes on what you are grateful for, writing can help to reduce tension and help you work through your feelings.
  3. Enjoy Those that Make You Feel Happy – Although the holidays can be full of social visits, it is not always visiting people we enjoy spending time with.  Be sure to make time for friends and family that make you feel happy and loved, this will help you get through the rest of the holiday without feeling drained.
  4. Grab Some Comedies – Whether you listen to a comedian on the radio, see a live show, or grab a funny DVD, laughter can help relieve stress. By laughing you can help improve blood flow in your body and keep your tension levels low. If you are feeling stressed, a good laugh can distract you from those feelings of tension.
  5. Give Yourself a Break – If you find yourself only thinking negative thoughts about yourself or those around you, start focusing on the positive. This can be especially helpful when you talk positively to yourself, about yourself. You are doing a great job, start telling yourself this and you may just see your thought patterns changing.
  6. Meditation – Meditation doesn’t have to be all about crossing your legs and closing your eyes. It is more about noticing the reactions your mind and body are having and learning to release the tension.  Try taking big deep breaths when you start feeling the tension rise in your body.
  7. Remove the Stress – Sometimes it is hard to recognize where your stress is coming from, yet other times you can pinpoint exactly what it is. When you know what or who causes you stress, it is sometimes best to remove that stress from your life. Whilst this isn’t always possible, making an effort to remove the stress that you can, may make a big difference.
  8. Unplug – At times technology can just be too much. If you are already feeling stressed the constant buzz of the phone, ding of emails, and drones of the TV, can send your stress levels soaring. Try unplugging all of your technology, even if it’s just for an hour.  Try reading a book or catching up on some sleep.
  9. Get Outside – Even when it’s freezing out, time outside can help renew peace in your life. Go for a wander in the snow or try a winter sport such as snowshoeing. This time out in nature without distractions can help you regain your balance.
  10. Explore Scents – Certain scents or smells can help calm your nerves. Lavender is well known for its calming effect and may be a good place to start. Try burning or diffusing essential oils as they do not contain chemicals and a little can go a long way.

Using just one or two of these tips can help you reduce your stress levels over the holidays.

Support During The Holidays

If you need additional support during the holidays, call to connect with a treatment center at 866-644-7911.

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