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Couples Getting Sober Together in Couples Rehab

When both members of a couple struggle with a substance use disorder the resulting consequences seem to increase exponentially.  Everything escalates.  The stress on the relationship caused by the substance use disorder (SUD) can lead to domestic violence, financial problems, and family instability.  Because some substances, such as alcohol, can trigger angry outbursts and impulsive actions, the couple creates a dysfunctional home environment that can become harmful if children are involved.

Couples getting sober together in couples rehab can blend the treatment elements for rehab with a couples component, helping the couple with specific tools to navigate a new partnership in recovery.  A couple need not have both parties involved in the substance abuse for it to be advantageous for both to be in rehab.  If one of the parties is struggling with addiction, depression, codependency can develop, which can deepen the addiction with enabling behaviors.  Once maladaptive behaviors are identified, couples can work on their relationship dynamic and create a mutually supportive framework for life in recovery whether one or both partners have the SUD.

Why Couples Rehab?

When both partners express a genuine desire to get out of the pattern of substance abuse and restore their marriage or relationship, couples rehab can be a game changer.  Addiction can intensely harm the trust bond and leave deep scars from anger and resentment.  Couples getting sober together in couples rehab can address together the various issues that surround the addiction, including emotional pain that may be driving the addictive behaviors.

Couples rehab provides specially designed therapies that enable the couple to express feelings, disappointments, resentment, and anger in a safe and supportive environment without fear of repercussion.  Some of the goals of the couples therapy include developing better communication skills, learning ways to express appreciation for each other, tools to support each other in recovery, learning new problem-solving skills without the use of a substance, and teaching each party about the disease of drug and alcohol addiction and how to avoid relapse.

With a committed team effort, the couple can be each other’s biggest support in recovery, helping to mutually define a new sober lifestyle.  Because of the intimate bond in a marriage, there is a desire to help each other avoid relapse by recognizing triggers or red flags that may indicate an impending relapse, and intervene proactively.  Adding the additional layers of aftercare, such as in active participation in a recovery group such as Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA) and ongoing outpatient counseling, the two can increase the probability of a sustained recovery.

Types of Couples Therapy Used in Couples Rehab

When seeking a rehab for couples it is important that the treatment program provides specialized couples therapy.  Couples may have unique circumstances that will determine what type of rehab accommodations is best.  If there has been violence and abuse, separate

Three effective couples therapies include:

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)

BCT uses behavioral modification techniques through a recovery contract with each partner.  Each partner commits to abstaining from drugs or alcohol each day, and the other provides the necessary support to help them succeed.  BCT can involve just the couple or can involve a group of couples.

Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy (ABCT)

ABCT is tailored for couples that are both struggling with alcohol use disorder that emphasizes healthy functioning in the relationship.  The therapist introduces new tools for improving communication, self-control, and problem-solving, as well as contingency-management skills to promote sustained sobriety.

Couples Recovery Development Approach (CRDA)

CRDA is a more holistic approach to couples rehab therapy, with workshops that addresses both the individual recovery and the couple’s recovery.  CRDA involves 15 interventions to promote couple recovery, improve the relationship, and to integrate recovery into the relationship.

The Treatment Specialist Locates High Quality Couples Addiction Rehab Programs

The Treatment Specialist is a go-to resource for couples seeking addiction rehab together.  After a free assessment of the specific issues involved, The Treatment Specialist can then match the couple to the best rehab for their unique situation, be it one program for both to attend together, two separate residences at the same facility, or two different programs altogether.  Couples getting sober together in couples rehab learn how to support each other’s recovery efforts and to develop a new sober, healthy lifestyle together.  For more information about couples rehab, contact The Treatment Specialist today at (866) 644-7911.

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