symptoms of OD on Xanax

Symptoms of OD on Xanax and Detox Options

It is very common for someone who is going through a particularly stressful life event to rely on Xanax (alprazolam) to help smooth out the edges.  Xanax is a go-to medication that is prescribed for individuals struggling with anxiety or panic disorder.  By slowing down the central nervous system and reducing the abnormal excitement levels […]

Opioid Dependence Rehabilitation

Opioid Dependence Rehabilitation

Overcoming an opioid or opiate dependency may seem like an impossible dream during active addiction.  The body literally demands constant replenishment of the drug just to be able to get through the day without horrible withdrawal symptoms surfacing.  But the truth is, people are making their way well into recovery from an opioid dependency each […]

clonazepam withdrawal symptoms list

Clonazepam Withdrawal Symptoms List

Clonazepam, under the brand name of Klonopin, is a tranquilizer often prescribed to aid individuals who suffer from panic attacks or seizures.  Clonazepam is in the benzodiazepine family of Schedule IV drugs that happen to be highly addictive, so should only be prescribed for a short-term period. Unfortunately, the drug also produces a euphoric high […]

hand sanitizer addiction

Getting Treatment for Hand Sanitizer Addiction

It is seriously mind blowing to think of someone deliberately drinking hand sanitizer to get high.  But, just as teens may drink cough syrup or inhale cleaning fluids from a can, some have discovered hand sanitizers as the source of a potential high.  And it isn’t just teens who are imbibing these products, adults, too, […]

How long does Fentanyl Stay in Your System

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System

If you are wondering what drug could possibly be more dangerous than heroin, the resounding answer is fentanyl.  In fact, in 2016 overdose deaths that involved fentanyl totaled over 20,000, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control.  Fentanyl related deaths represented the sharpest increase among all the drugs involved in overdose death.  Fentanyl is […]

detoxing from benzos in hospitals

Detoxing From Benzos in Hospitals and Residential Treatment Programs

Benzodiazepines (aka benzos) are a class of drugs used primarily to help patients struggling with anxiety or insomnia.  The drugs are commonly dispensed under the brand names Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, Halcion, and Valium.  They are fast-acting, inexpensive sedatives that provide swift relief for these legitimate medical issues.  The problem is, benzos are also highly addictive […]

What is the Alcohol Detox Timeline

What is the Alcohol Detox Timeline?

What is the Alcohol Detox Timeline? When persistent, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to alcohol addiction or dependency, it can have negatively impact on all aspects of a person’s life.  Alcoholism can significantly damage major organs, including the liver, brain, and heart, and can lead to nutritional deficiencies in the B vitamin family, vitamin A, […]

How Does Medication Assisted Treatment Work

How Does Medication Assisted Treatment Work

How Does Medication Assisted Treatment Work? With relapse rates spanning 60%-75% following treatment for a drug or alcohol dependency, it seems like a no brainer to use whatever tools are available to stem the ongoing addiction crisis in America.  In fact, the FDA recently announced it would expand access to one of the most powerful […]

Suboxone Doctor Locator

Suboxone Doctor Locator

Suboxone Doctor Locator for Treatment of Opiate Addiction One of the more promising treatments for aiding in treatment for an opiate addiction is the use of a drug called Suboxone.  During recovery treatment, patients can begin to take Suboxone during detox and withdrawal to help reduce the highly uncomfortable opiate withdrawal symptoms, but mostly to […]

what happens in detox

What Happens in Detox

What Happens in Detox? Anyone who has made the courageous attempt to detox from drug or alcohol addiction alone is likely to have been humbled by the experience.  Not anticipating the intense discomfort that detox involves can lead to disappointment and feelings of despair unless guided and supported by addiction professionals.  Any hope of completing […]