Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

Finding Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

Receive Help and Treatment for OxyContin Addiction and Dependency Oxycodone has been a go-to pain reliever for medical practitioners for a hundred years.  First created in 1918 as an alternative to the highly addictive analgesics morphine and heroin during World War I, oxycodone was considered a safe alternative. While early use for the oxycodone was […]

Withdrawal Symptoms from Heroin

Managing the Withdrawal Symptoms from Heroin for a Safe Detox

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms from Heroin Heroin.  Who knew that this powerful opiate would rise from the ashes of the 1970s urban street scene to a resurgence in use and popularity among all walks of U.S. life, especially in white suburbia?  Shockingly, this deadly drug claimed approximately 13,000 lives in 2015 according to the most recent […]

Heroin Rehab Houston

Heroin Rehab Houston, Texas

Heroin Rehab Houston Battling a heroin addiction is akin to walking around with a ticking time bomb attached to your ankle.  With long-term use leading to adverse health risks combined with inconsistent purity levels of the drug, the dangers of dying due to heroin dependency are very real.  Another growing risk involves whether the heroin […]

Rehab to Get Off Suboxone

Rehab to Get Off Suboxone

Find a Rehab to Get Off Suboxone and Start Recovering Suboxone (a blend of naloxone and buprenorphine) burst on the addiction treatment scene in 2002 when it acquired FDA approval for treating opioid addiction.  Between 2006 and 2010 prescriptions for Suboxone skyrocketed, nearly quintupling from 40 million dosage units in 2006 to 190 million dosage […]

xanax rehab length of time

What is the Xanax Rehab Length of Time?

What You Need to Know about Xanax Rehab and Recovery from Xanax Dependency Xanax is the most prescribed psychiatric drug in the U.S. with over 47 million prescriptions written for it in 2011.  Xanax (alprazolam, in the benzodiazepine family) is a depressant that acts on the central nervous system, and is used to treat a […]

suboxone detoxification

Suboxone Detoxification Explained

What is Suboxone Detoxification and How to Detox Suboxone is an opiate that is comprised of two opioid antagonists, buprenorphine and naloxone.  Suboxone is a popular component of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for overcoming an opioid addiction (heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, hydrocodone, meperidine, methadone, hydromorphine, and codeine), prescribed for a set period of time before the patient […]

Inpatient Detox Near Me

Locating Inpatient Detox Near Me

Alcohol, Drugs, Prescription Drug, Heroin, Opiate Methamphetamine Inpatient Detox Near Me Overcoming drug or alcohol dependency is a serious endeavor that is typically kick-started via an inpatient detox program.  Phase one of recovery must include a safe, supervised detox and withdrawal process where the individual seeking treatment for addiction will find adequate medical support.  An […]

rapid opiate detox under anesthesia

How Rapid Opiate Detox Under Anesthesia Works

Understanding Rapid Opiate Detox Under Anesthesia The time has arrived to pursue addiction treatment for a serious opiate addiction, but fear of opiate withdrawal and detox may feel so overwhelming that you hesitate.  You know the addiction is destroying your life and impacting everyone you care for, so why is it so difficult to pull […]

opiate addiction help near me

Opiate Addiction Help Near Me Options

Receiving Opiate Addiction Help Near Me Opiate addiction has reached a crisis point in recent years, with approximately 2.5 million Americans addicted to heroin, fentanyl, methadone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and meperidine, as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.   As a result, spiking rates of opiate-related overdose deaths continue to rise.  According to a […]

rapid drug detox programs

Rapid Drug Detox Programs for Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin Withdrawal and Detox Using Rapid Drug Detox Programs When the time has come to address a serious heroin addiction, several variables will need to be considered.  Based on the severity of the addiction, the length of time addicted to heroin, whether other drugs are also being abused, and if there are co-occurring mental health […]