Drug and Alcohol Treatment Orange County

Orange County Treatment Programs

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Orange County

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Call to speak to a Treatment Specialist and learn about the IOP drug rehab options in the Orange County, California area. We will match you with a program that has availability and takes your insurance. IOP includes individual assessments, cognitive behavioral therapy, and groups therapy. Getting help may feel scary and difficult, but the best part is when you go and find that you are not alone. Call for your initial consultation at 877-854-0214

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Costa Mesa

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Seeking help is the first step to recovering and gaining freedom from your addiction to drugs or alcohol.  It is a big step and we are here to guide you and match you to the best counseling option that works with your insurance and has availability. You don’t have to do this alone, we are here to provide compassion and help show you that help is within reach. Call to speak with a Treatment Specialist at 877-854-0214

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Mission Viejo

Drug and Alcohol Detox

If you have built up a tolerance to drugs or alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult for you to stop using, a monitored detox is probably going to help you. Today there are many options for detoxing and we understand that everyone is different. When you call to speak to a Treatment Specialist, we will assess your specific needs and review your insurance to help match you with the best option. Call 877-854-0214 to get started.

Sober Living in Orange County

Finding a Sober Living that is best for your specific situation is within reach. There are a number of Sober Livings in Orange County that provide various accommodations and amenities and we will help you get into one that meets what your needs. We understand that budget comes into play, so we can look at what Sober Homes are within your range. Call to speak with a Treatment Specialist and we will discuss all of the available options and recovery houses with current availability in the Orange County, California area. 877-854-0214

Rehabs that Accept Insurance

If you are concerned about the out of pocket costs for inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we can help.  Often times insurance will cover a good amount of the expenses and make it much easier to get the help you need.  When you call us, we will take your insurance information and check your benefits. From there we can help you review all of your treatment program options and help save you time by getting you into a rehab fast. Call us now at 877-854-0214

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you or your loved one is needing to be completely removed from outside influences and stressors, going into a residential program is going to be the best route. There are many programs in Orange County that offer inpatient treatment and with that many options it can feel overwhelming. We take out the extra work and help you narrow down options based on what your need are and whether you have insurance or are looking to pay privately. Call to speak to a Treatment Specialist now and we will expedite getting you help now 877-854-0214

Orange County, California Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Call to Check Program Availability and Receive a Free Insurance Check

The Treatment Specialist Provides Personalized Assistance

At The Treatment Specialist we provide free personalized assistance to find the best treatment match for you or your loved one in the Orange County area in California.

We work closely with you to look at your current situation, your history, and all of the specifics that are unique to you.  The truth is, you have made it here, and it is a big deal because you are making the move to change your life.  We are ready to answer all of your questions and get you the best help.

A Treatment Specialist is here at 877-854-0214

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