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First Phase of Recovery

Drug and alcohol detox is an integral part of the treatment process, especially when someone has become chemically dependent on a substance. Chemical dependency occurs when a person’s body develops a physical tolerance over the course of time and with increased use. If a person has become chemically dependent and suddenly stops use, they will begin to experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. It is very important to consult with a doctor prior to discontinuing use from specific substances because of the increased risk of having seizures. There are different types of detox options available, and they should be carefully considered depending on each person’s substance use and medical history.

When to Seek Detox

Most people who have used a substance long enough will have expressed their hesitation to go through the drug and alcohol detox process due to the increased level of discomfort. This is extremely common and can be a big barrier for those looking to enter a drug and alcohol detox program. The important thing to remember is that the detox symptoms are only temporary, and, with the proper medication and support, it can be done safely and as comfortably as possible. The withdrawal symptoms may vary depending on the substance used. The most common substances are alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin, opiates and stimulants.

Detox Options

Detox is a very important step in the recovery and treatment process, and it is important to locate a facility or medical professional that is licensed and has proper medical staff to monitor medication and detox symptoms. There are different levels of care for detox which can range from seeing a doctor on an outpatient basis, a medically monitored medical detox, and a residential sub-acute detox. There are additional detox options that include a rapid detox and a naturally assisted detox (NAD) that can be used, but these are only appropriate for specific substances. Depending on the severity of the condition and specific substances used, each option should be considered carefully.

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