Drug Rehab Cost

Reviewing Drug Rehab Cost

The cost of rehab treatment for addiction, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis can be greatly reduced with the use of health insurance.  There are also private pay options available for those looking for increased confidentiality and increased amenities.  The cost of treatment may vary depending on your specific needs and amenities desired.

Private Insurance for Rehab

Private insurance is any insurance plan that is paid for privately or received through an employer. Private insurance plans are most often either a PPO or an HMO.   PPO insurance allows a person to have more treatment program options to choose from whereas an HMO limits the options and often requires a doctor’s referral.  The most common private insurance providers used for addiction and dual diagnosis rehab are Aetna, Cigna, Health Net, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Humana and Assurant.

The cost for rehab can be greatly reduced when using your private insurance which can help overcome financial hurdles upon entering treatment.  Private insurance plan coverage varies so greatly, so it is imperative to have The Treatment Specialist verify your insurance benefits.

Government & County Funded Insurance

If you receive health insurance through a state, government, or county funded plan, there are specific treatment programs that are covered.  The National Directory of these funded programs are located at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website: Click Here

Addiction Rehab Financing Options

Financing treatment is also an option for those who wish to enter treatment without insurance. Financing options are available and can be reviewed through the Addiction Helplines helpline.  Most often, financing requires an individual who is applying to have a good to excellent credit score to obtain the financing for addiction rehab.

Private Pay for Addiction Rehab

Paying privately for treatment is an option for those who are interested in increased confidentiality, seeking a luxury rehab, or are unable to obtain private health insurance.   Depending on what type of program, location, and amenities, the cost of rehab can vary depending on level of care needed.  Alcohol or drug detox rehab can range from $300-$2500 per day depending on whether it is in a hospital or in a residential setting.  Detox rehab on average ranges from 2-14 days and is based on the substance that is used, quantity, and length of time.  Inpatient or Residential rehab cost for an average 30-day stay can range from 10k-60k per month.  Outpatient rehab cost can range from $3k-8k per month depending on the number of days and hours attended.  To determine the best private pay option for rehab for you or your loved one, call the The Treatment Specialist helpline to speak with one of our specialists who can help guide you through the process. Call 866-644-7911 to start the process and review the options.

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