How to Tell if Someone is Sniffing Coke

How to Tell if Someone is Sniffing Coke

Maybe a friend or colleague has suddenly become a ball of blazing energy.  She may seem to be accelerating through the days, moving at the speed of light with bursts of euphoria and excitement punctuating her movements.  Wow, either she has been drinking too much coffee, you think, or maybe she has employed a little […]

seroquel addiction symptoms

Identifying Seroquel Addiction Symptoms

Squirrel, Susie Q, Q-ball, Baby Heroin, and Quell.  These are the street names for an atypical antipsychotic drug called Seroquel.  Any prescription drug with a laundry list of street names is likely a recreational drug of abuse, and Seroquel is no exception.  Originally developed to treat mental health disorders, such as bipolar disorder, depression, and […]

what happens in detox

What Happens in Detox

What Happens in Detox? Anyone who has made the courageous attempt to detox from drug or alcohol addiction alone is likely to have been humbled by the experience.  Not anticipating the intense discomfort that detox involves can lead to disappointment and feelings of despair unless guided and supported by addiction professionals.  Any hope of completing […]

Elderly Addiction Treatment Centers

Elderly Addiction Treatment Centers

Safe and High Quality Elderly Addiction Treatment Centers Among the senior population, a surprising problem with alcohol abuse is becoming increasingly concerning.  Surveys conducted in health care settings are exposing an increase of alcoholism among those aged 65 and older, according to a report published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).  The […]

Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

Finding Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

Receive Help and Treatment for OxyContin Addiction and Dependency Oxycodone has been a go-to pain reliever for medical practitioners for a hundred years.  First created in 1918 as an alternative to the highly addictive analgesics morphine and heroin during World War I, oxycodone was considered a safe alternative. While early use for the oxycodone was […]

Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers Los Angeles

Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers Los Angeles

Quality Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers Los Angeles When considering getting treatment at a drug rehabilitation center Los Angeles it is wise to take a long view.  This means that, while the detox and withdrawal phase are the most pressing in terms of cleansing the body of the substance and stabilizing the individual, the curative period […]

symptoms of drug withdrawal

The Mental & Physical Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal

Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal As important as it is to make the life-changing decision to get clean and sober, knowing what to expect during detox and withdrawal will prepare you to enter treatment fully armed.  Too often addicts impulsively undertake a cold turkey approach to ending their drug use without understanding the importance of a […]

Treatment Facility Locator

National Treatment Facility Locator

Treatment Facility Locator Matches Needs and Preferences through Vast Provider Network  The time has come to seriously address the need for you or your loved one to receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.  Just arriving at the realization that help is needed is the first important step in the journey to recovery. Faced […]

States with Highest Overdose Rates

States with Highest Overdose Rates

National Epidemic of Drug Overdose Ratchets Up Perhaps the most striking example of the sheer shock of a drug overdose death was when Prince died suddenly on April 21, 2016, literally just days after delivering a memorable performance in Atlanta on April 14th.  Few knew that Prince even had a drug addiction, so the public […]

overmedicated society

Why 70 Million People Use Drugs

Overmedicated Society According to a new piece of research, almost one in every five Americans – 70 million of us – use mind-altering drugs. Even if these numbers are slightly exaggerated, it still highlights the fact that the country is undergoing an epidemic of both illegal narcotic use and prescription drug abuse. The number of drug-related deaths […]