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The Best Opiate Rehab and What to Expect

Opiates are large category of drugs that include legal drugs such as oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl and codeine as well as illegal drugs such as heroin and opium and other narcotics. Abuse or misuse of opiates can have severe implications to health and in many cases can be fatal.

In the United States, prescription opiate addiction is prevalent as is the use of illegal opiates such as heroin. According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), over 210 million opiate prescriptions were filled in 2010, with close to 12 million people admitting to abusing these drugs by taking them for non-medical reasons. As per the CDC, certain studies reveal that as many as three out of every four current heroin users were previously prescription opiate abusers.

So how does one go about finding the right opiate rehab? What is an appropriate opiate addiction treatment program for you? We try and break it down for you:

Most clinics or opiate rehabs and treatment centers will first need to determine the nature of addiction before recommending the ideal opiate addiction treatment program for you. A few questions that you should typically be ready to answer: Source of the drug and where you procure it from? Duration of use of the drug? Last recollected usage and frequency of usage of the drug?

These questions will help the clinic to decide what treatment approach would be most appropriate for your condition. As such there are three broad types of opiate treatment options which include detoxification (detox), inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab therapy.

Best Opiate Rehab Near Me

Medical treatment teams and doctors will first try to get the patient to withdraw from using the drug in a phased manner over time. Patients are kept under supervision and under medication to help them withdraw from the drug and deal with any withdrawal symptoms associated with the opiate. It is not uncommon for medical experts to prescribe methadone or buprenorphine if the patient was using strong opiates. These prescription drugs help the patient deal with the severity of the opiate withdrawal.  Opiate Detox is done on an inpatient rehab basis to maintain safety.

Once a patient undergoes inpatient opiate detox treatment the medical team in consultation with the patient and family/ friends will determine whether further treatment would need to continue at the treatment center or via outpatient treatment. The factors enabling the medical team to make this decision include the type of family support system, the type and scale of drug abuse, financial resources or insurance plans and previous medical or opiate addiction success rate.

Opiate Rehab programs include therapy as well as other proven and prescribed activities with high opiate addiction treatment success rates. An opiate rehab program will typically take 30 to 90 days.  Patients will attend sessions with therapists and counselors which help them identify their weaknesses for the opiate and how to deal with the addiction. Counselors also help a patient identify catalysts or triggers that they need to stay away from to help them say NO.

If you or loved one have an addiction problem reach out to connect to a treatment center at (866) 644-7911 to get the best opiate rehab.

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