With the different amount of food and substances that pass through the human body daily, it is only reasonable to expect that certain harmful elements would have gained entrance into the system through these mediums. These harmful elements, if left to accumulate, can result in significant illness in our body.

Nature seems to have foreseen this, and as such, has put in place a mechanism by which harmful substances in the body are neutralized and expelled out. This process is what is known as detoxification. The primary organ responsible for it is the liver.

In a healthy human, this process occurs naturally. You don’t have to do a particular thing to detox. However, as it is today, there are medications, special diets, and lifestyle practices that several people claim can help to detox. While not relegating any of these as ineffective or unwarranted, the recommended 7 ways below are purely natural with no side effect if rightly followed.

  1. Fasting

Incredible as it may sound, abstaining from food, all manners of foods, help the body to get rid of any accumulated toxin in it. Are you wondering how? It’s because the energy that the body will use in carrying out digestion is made available to the liver to carry out its function effectively.  This is one of the reasons why when we fall sick, we hardly can take in much food as we did when all was well. The body is concentrating its energy (as it were) in getting rid of toxins and getting us well and may not have all the time it used to have for digesting heavy foods.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Again, you would discover that one of the natural responses of the body to sickness is to get some sleep. Isn’t that enough to tell us how great good and quality sleep can be? During the sleeping period, the brain sort of resets and recharges itself so that it can put many things that have gone wrong in our bodies during the day into order. Not getting enough and quality sleep can lead to a pile-up of harmful substances in the body because the liver is not given the “breathing space” to put things in order. Lack of adequate sleep (not up to 8 hours), for instance, has been identified as one reason beta-amyloid (a toxin) accumulates in the body. This toxin has been severally implicated in diseases like Alzheimer’s diseases.

  1. Adequate Water-Intake

For a full body detox, an adequate water-intake is necessary. Beyond just being a means to quench our thirst, water helps to regulate our body temperature. Enough water in the body can mean that some of these toxins will disappear with sweats and urine we pass out. So, if you are a man, you are expected to take at least 3.7 liters of water daily. For a woman or female, at least 2.7 liters may do.

  1. Limit Alcohol Intake

There are several debates out there as to how a little alcohol can be beneficial to the body. Well, while no scientific conclusion is in view, yet, there are tons of evidence to show that excessive alcohol intake does much damage to the liver. As such, if you must take alcohol at all, it has to be moderate.

  1. Consume Whole Food and Vegetables

Organic and real foods are fast becoming unattractive in this era. Moreover, these are the foods that the body readily recognizes, can work with, and metabolize. Enough vegetables and fruits in your system can mean a complete absence of gastrointestinal disorder. It could easily say that your immune system would be at its peak.

  1. Check out Probiotics

Food items that have been fermented by beneficial microbes are known as probiotics. Examples of such include tempeh, yogurts, sauerkraut, and miso. These foods help to keep the bowel healthy and free from food waste that may pile up to become harmful toxins in the body.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly will aid the free circulation of blood and effective digestion of food. These two effects are directly related to detoxification. When there is effective digestion, there is a less harmful build-up of substances in the body. Also, with an unhindered flow of blood and oxygen, the body organs are kept healthy.

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