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Heroin Rapid Detox

What to Expect with Heroin Rapid Detox

Heroin detox generally takes up to a week or slightly more under supervision. At a heroin detox center, with constant vigilance and under strict supervision. Well trained medical professionals identify heroin detox symptoms and administer the required medication. Withdrawal symptoms are excruciating and some people do not want to face the withdrawal symptoms. Heroin rapid detox helps to overcome the withdrawal effects quite early (almost immediately). In rapid detox, a patient is put under anesthesia and administered a mixture of medicine to negate the effect of withdrawal symptoms. During rapid detox addicts get the withdrawal when they are asleep and given the injections of opiate blockers to mitigate the effect of heroin in the system.

This is one of the toughest times for a patient to go through and one has to use all the will power you can to help you get through this trying time. Under strict medical supervision opiate blockers work well to help ease the pain of detox symptoms or withdrawal.

In addition to the opiate blockers, the patient is given muscle relaxants and analgesics to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms pains hat might exist as the effect of the anesthesia wears off. Once the patient wakes they would have skipped the effects of heroin detox symptoms and the body would have completely been rid of traces of the drug. Rapid detox effectively reduces the time of regular heroin detox by a few days. This process is generally administered under intense care and the patient is normally discharged within 48 hours once the effect of anesthesia is recovered. Typically heroin detox takes about a week but rapid detox could take place in a day. This is a reason many people try to go for this method but must be mindful of the risks associated with it. Choosing the type of treatment you want will determine the heron detox cost as well. Hence you have to look around a bit and speak to a few centers and compare prices before you decide on which treatment works for you.

The cost of rapid detox varies depending on several factors but is typically in the thousand dollars to several thousand dollars price range. In general larger detox and rehab facilities as well and those run by non-profits are slightly more affordable. Severe withdrawal symptoms and the decision to be under anesthesia will also raise the cost of rapid detox.  The factors that influence the cost of rapid detox include:

  1. Anesthesia vs. none
  2. Multiple drug withdrawal vs. single
  3. Non-profit vs. private detox
  4. Severe withdrawal symptoms vs. mild

Before starting the rapid detox treatment make sure the facility is equipped with the required medical settings and staff. Rapid detox can only be administered by medical professionals. Call to speak with a treatment center that offers heroin rapid detox that serves all your specific needs. Call (866) 644-7911 to get started!


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