How Gardening Can Reduce Stress

The Garden – Shake Stress Right Out of Your Life

The pressure can be relentless on us from work demands to family commitments. And then there is the perceived ‘need’ to stay connected every hour of the day. And then there is the pressure of looking good and perfect on social sharing sites. And then there is the pressure to eat healthy, exercise, be physically perfect… All of this pressure places us under stress and when the burden becomes too much, our emotional and mental well-being is compromised. We stop thinking clearly and rationally, and dark thoughts are often accompanied by the black dog of depression.

Things Need to Change

We all understand that at times, things need to change. We need to let go of some expectations and learn to understand that we are ‘good enough’. We also need to take positive physical action too, taking steps to deal with a constantly whirring mind and the stone of anxiety on the stomach. And the answer may be simpler than you think. And it is on your back door step…

Your Garden, Your Stress-Buster

Just 45 minutes ‘pottering in the garden’ can reduce the stress hormone cortisol, whilst growing and tending your own food exposes to ‘good’ bacteria, as well as a sense of satisfaction to boost your mental health and how you feel about yourself. Gardeners are less likely to be stressed and harassed, probably because they have known all along that the garden is THE place to be. Whether you are a keen gardener or have never spent any time trying to grow a plant from seed, the benefits of spending time outdoors in your garden are beyond your wildest imagines. So, if you feel stress taking over your life, do two things: take a look at the stress-busting effect of gardening and then get out in your backyard.

How Gardening Can Reduce Stress Infographic

How Gardening Can Reduce Stress infographic

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