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Overcoming drug or alcohol dependency is a serious endeavor that is typically kick-started via an inpatient detox program.  Phase one of recovery must include a safe, supervised detox and withdrawal process where the individual seeking treatment for addiction will find adequate medical support.  An inpatient detox facility offers the highest level of care, so searching for an inpatient detox center near me is the first crucial step toward freedom from addiction.

Not all inpatient detoxification programs are alike.  Some detox programs use pharmaceutical interventions to assist with the intense discomfort or pain that accompanies withdrawing from the substance.  These programs may prescribe benzodiazepines such as Ativan or Valium to ward off the anxiety and restlessness that is commonly experienced in detox.  Other programs may also use anti-craving drugs, such as naltrexone or suboxone, to block opioid receptors to reduce the risk of relapse.  Still other detox programs are entirely holistic, using amino acid therapy, mindfulness training, meditation, exercise, nutrition, and acupuncture, to name a few methods.

The type of program you decide on is often selected based on the specific substance that one is addicted to, the length of time and severity of the addiction, general health, whether there is an accompanying mental health condition, and knowing the desired outcome you are seeking.  If the goal is to be entirely free from drugs, then a holistic program would be the right choice, so that one addictive drug isn’t replaced with another.  However, if the goal is to survive after a string of relapses, then the medical interventions are possibly the better option.

What to Expect at Inpatient Detox Near Me

An inpatient detox center is a facility that houses the client through the duration of the detox and withdrawal period, with the priority being to stabilize the client.  Detox procedures differ based on the type of drug or alcohol dependency involved. Detoxing from alcohol or benzodiazapines can be extremely dangerous, so very careful monitoring will be the detox protocol.  Regardless of the drug being detoxed, the medical provider will prescribe pharmaceutical drugs and/or over-the-counter medications to assist with unpleasant symptoms such as stomach upset, headache, fever and chills, anxiety, muscle aches, and sleep disturbances.

Most drugs are detoxed out of the system within one week, although it varies depending on the drug and the severity of the addiction.  The inpatient detox center near me will provide as much intervention as needed to prevent the client from leaving detox and potentially relapsing, making every effort to get the client into the next stage of recovery treatment, the therapeutic phase.

Finding Inpatient Detox Centers Near Me

When someone battling addiction decides it is the right time to reach out for treatment, the first order of business is to locate an inpatient detox center nearby.  This can be a perplexing and anxiety-provoking process, as there are so many options available making it difficult to know which way to turn.

Once you begin the process of selecting a treatment center it helps to enlist the help of a locator service that can provide much needed guidance and reduce stress levels.  In addition to finding a good match for your detox needs, a reputable locator service can also assist with the financial questions you might have.  Insurance policies can be checked to determine benefits, as well as financing options introduced.

The Treatment Specialist Can Locate Inpatient Detox Near Me

The Treatment Specialist  offers just this kind of assistance in locating the right inpatient detox center for your needs and budget.  The team of specialists are standing by to help match each person’s unique situation with the detox program best suited to offering treatment.

The Treatment Specialist works with a wide network of high quality inpatient detox facilities nationwide.  Our treatment specialists will conduct a free confidential assessment of your needs as well as an insurance verification of benefits and coverage, key steps to finding the perfect center for you.  Allow our team to help match you with the appropriate inpatient detox near me program by contacting us today at (66) 644-7911

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