Joint Commission Drug Rehabilitation Center

The Importance of a Joint Commission Drug Rehabilitation Center

When it is time to place your health and wellness into the care of an addiction recovery program, you need to feel the facility is worthy of your trust and confidence.  In the field of behavioral health, the highest standard of care is those treatment providers who have earned the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Think top-of-the-line, superior standards.  JCAHO certified addiction facilities have received the prestigious ranking for good reason.  By seeking out a JCAHO accredited program you will be assured of the highest standards in the addiction and recovery industry, and that goes a long way in achieving the peace of mind needed to begin your recovery journey.

About Joint Commission Drug Rehabilitation Center

According to the Joint Commission website, it has been involved in accrediting addiction and dual diagnosis treatment facilities since 1972.  In all, the Joint Commission has accredited 1,900 behavioral health programs in the U.S.  The accreditation process is arduous and demanding, ensuring that the patients who are treated at these facilities will be the beneficiaries of rigorous standards of care.

The Joint Commission bases its accreditation requirements on a treatment center’s performance in specific areas of care, which ultimately protects patients from substandard facilities and care.  By concentrating on the areas that are important to safety, treatment itself, and professional services, this accreditation provides an authoritative stamp of approval.  The process is conducted via surveys conducted by professionals in the behavioral health industry who review programs and facilities in a variety of treatment settings.  These professionals include psychologists, behavioral healthcare professionals, counselors, and nurses.

The Benefits of a Joint Commission Drug Rehabilitation Center

 When placing yourself or your loved one in the care of a Joint Commission drug rehab program you are selecting an additional layer of quality and safety of care.  The purpose of the accreditation is to help manage risk while improving the level of treatment services at the facility.  The ongoing connection between the facility and the Joint Commission ensures the consistent updating of rehabilitation treatment methods.

Because of the Joint Commission stamp of approval, the patient can have a higher level of confidence that the rehab facility is adhering to industry standards.  This creates a more stable rehab environment and a sturdy foundation from which to operate.  A rehab that has gone through the demanding accreditation process is one that places patient care as a top priority.

 Joint Commission Standards for Rehabs

As new addiction treatment breakthroughs are introduced, the Joint Commissions will refine and update their standards.  For example, new strides in the area of medication assisted treatment, the use of medications to curb withdrawals and cravings, is now included in the JCAHO standards for treatment of opioid dependency and alcoholism.  The updating of standards helps to maintain the highest level of care within the industry.

The JCAHO standards include:

  • Infection prevention and control
  • Medication management
  • Provision of care, treatment, and services
  • Rights and responsibilities of the individual
  • Record of care, treatment, and services
  • Waiver lab testing
  • Emergency management
  • Environment of care, treatment, or services
  • Human resources
  • Information management
  • Leadership, governance, and management
  • Performance improvement
  • Life safety

The Treatment Specialist Locates Quality Joint Commission Drug Rehabilitation Center

The Treatment Specialist can guide you to a high quality Joint Commission Drug Rehabilitation Center from our wide network of behavioral health providers.  This free assistance can help you expedite the process in locating the appropriate drug rehab for your own unique needs.  Our expert specialists will match your treatment needs with the best Joint Commission drug rehab center, and conduct a free insurance benefit analysis as well.  For help finding the highest standards in addiction treatment, contact The Treatment Specialist today at (866) 644-7911.

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