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Luxury Rehab offers executive and high-end addiction treatment programs that are tailored to be highly individualized including luxurious accommodations featuring estates, ocean views, mountain views, a desert oasis, or mountain seclusion. Luxury programs offer many additional amenities that standard treatment programs do not provide. These additional types of amenities include massage, acupuncture, semi-private or private rooms, chefs, personal training, and personalized care and concierge services.

The luxury rehab segment of the addiction treatment landscape attracts those individuals who are accustomed to the finer things in life. They have reached a certain status in their professional life and gravitate toward upscale accommodations and services in their private lives. For these affluent individuals, it is unthinkable to reside in a rehab environment that does not reach certain standards.

Within the luxury rehab category there are specialties, such as couples rehab, pet-friendly rehab, non 12-step rehab, executive rehab, and holistic rehab. The luxury programs tend to be very small, intimate community with 6-12 clients total in the private programs. The clinical treatment team will consist of a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, nurse, physical fitness instructor, counselors, and 24-hour support staff.


Within the addiction recovery field there is a specialized niche that caters to the unique needs of busy executives. Executive detox and rehab programs have made special accommodations that address their specific concerns, such as privacy and discretion, available technology, and outpatient options. The executive treatment programs feature the following:

  • Most executive programs are situated in secluded locations, providing an enhanced level of privacy and discretion.
  • Executive programs feature efficient scheduling for delivering treatment services in a tight time frame to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Executive programs accommodate the need for access to electronic devices so they can remain connected and engaged at work.
  • If an extended leave from work is not feasible, outpatient therapy following detox can be prescribed according to the needs of the client.

Receiving executive treatment at a luxury program will include:

  • Individualized assessments and treatment plans. The intake and assessment session will allow the clinical staff to make a careful and accurate diagnosis. From the intake process a personalized treatment plan will be drafted that is tailored to each person’s unique recovery needs.
  • Medical detox.  Medically supervised detox assists the individual during the detox and withdrawal phase of recovery. Detox takes approximately 5-7 days on average.
  • Individual psychotherapy. Evidence-based psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and contingency management guide individuals towards establishing new healthy thought and behavior patterns.
  • Small group sessions. Meeting as a group, the individuals share their own personal struggles with a substance use disorder and discuss new coping skills.
  • Medication management. Medication-assisted treatment is available for those in recovery for a more severe alcohol or opioid use disorder. These drugs can help sustain recovery by reducing cravings.
  • Recovery meetings.  Recovery meetings available through SMART Recovery or A.A. are sometimes integrated into the program.
  • Holistic therapies. Complementary services enhance the clinical results by providing relaxation techniques.
  • Aftercare. Most luxury rehabs offer aftercare services, which can help the individual continue to engage in their recovery efforts. These may include sober living housing and outpatient therapy.

Treatment programs that are designed for business executives have made necessary accommodations for the realities of this client’s work life. That means that technological equipment and office supplies are provided, and allowances are made for the client to participate in work-related activities through their cell phone or laptops.

But these executive rehabs do not stop there. It is understood that someone who has reached the heights of their career is accustomed to the finer things in life. In response to this reality, these premier rehab programs offer private rooms and spa-like amenities, as well as luxury accommodations that cater to a high-end lifestyle. There are typically yoga classes, spa services, massage therapists, gourmet chefs, and recreational activities like surfing, golf, tennis, and paddle-boarding added to the list of amenities.


The accommodations at luxury facilities will be exceptional, typically with breathtaking views or located on the grounds of a private estate. The furnishings and linens will be top of the line offering the highest standard of comfort while enrolled in a luxury addiction treatment program. The grounds will offer housekeeping service, maintaining and clean and orderly environment. Luxury rehabs typically offer a semi-private and private room options for those who are seeking additional privacy.


The serene ambiance of most luxury rehabs comes with the territory. These upscale rehab programs are located in scenic locations that inspire a calm inner peace. A segment of the luxury rehab space features holistic recovery programs. Holistic rehabs utilize a medley of Eastern-inspired practices that help individuals in recovery find emotional balance. The holistic therapies might include:

  • Yoga. Yoga combines physical movement with breath work and mindfulness for an activity that can provide multiple benefits for mental wellness. There are several types of yoga to choose from, but they all center on movement and poses that are said to bring about an enhanced mind-body connection, relaxation, and calm.
  • Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of training the mind to focus awareness on the present moment, an object, or an activity that leads to a calm and relaxed state.
  • Guided meditation. Guided meditation uses a script or recording that guides the individual into a state of deep relaxation and calm through mental imagery.
  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture involves the use of small needles that are strategically placed along the body’s “meridians” in order to open up energy flow. Acupuncture can reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Therapeutic massage. A relaxation massage helps the body to release stress while manipulating muscles and soft tissue.
  • Aromatherapy. Essential oils are helpful during detox to reduce cravings, anxiety, depression, and nausea.
  • Sound therapy. Sound therapy or sound baths are used to help restore emotional balance in the body through the use of music and singing.

In addition to the relaxation therapies, a holistic rehab will often focus attention on nutrition. These rehabs may specialize in providing organic, plant-based diets, and offer vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free dietary options. Spa services may also include infrared sauna, Jacuzzi, and a pool.


There are certain important features to look for when seeking a luxury addiction treatment program, including:

  • Ask for their accreditation and licensing credentials
  • Do they have expertise in treating your particular substance of abuse?
  • Do they utilize evidence-based psychotherapies?
  • Do they tailor treatment planning for the individual?
  • The professional make-up of their treatment team
  • Do they treat co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Do they use medication-assisted treatment (MAT)?
  • Do they provide a medically monitored detox?
  • How long has the rehab has been in business?
  • Does the luxury rehab accept insurance?
  • What complementary therapies does the rehab provide?
  • What privacy protections are in place?

When considering a high-end luxury rehab the individual is bound to be more discerning, which is understandable to justify the high cost of these treatment programs. It is expected that any reputable upscale rehab will be more than willing to provide answers to the above questions.


Treatment costs of a luxury addiction program will range greatly depending on the location, accommodations, services, and amenities. You will see a range from 20k per month up to 60k plus per month. If you have private insurance, such as a PPO policy, some luxury programs do accept partial payment from insurance or help you bill post-treatment to receive some reimbursement of your upfront payment. Typically, the costs of luxury addiction rehab programs are expected to be paid up front for the first 30 days of treatment.


The recommendation for luxury rehab should be done in a licensed inpatient or residential setting with a comprehensive treatment team for increased safety and the best outcome.  The treatment program will consists of a full treatment team including a psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, and 24-hour support staff.  If you or your loved one is struggling and needs help now, Call to connect with a luxury treatment program at 877-408-0734 to learn about a comprehensive luxury program for you or your loved one.

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