Luxury Treatment

Luxury Treatment

Luxury Treatment Options

If you are an executive, licensed professional, or of the wealthy elite, a standard addiction and dual diagnosis treatment program might not provide the anonymity and/or class of comfort that you are familiar with in your daily living.  The luxury treatment programs that are offered provide an increased focus on confidentiality, high-end accommodations and private rooms, nutritional food preparation, 24-hour concierge services, individual therapy and optional small groups.

Luxury Treatment Program Elements

In addition to receiving top of the line clinical, medical, and support staff, it is commonplace in a luxury treatment program to also have the option to receive acupuncture, massage, chef, personal trainer, and private and customized high-end accommodations.  Due to the individualization of high-end luxury treatment facilities, you might have the option to continue your professional work, if mobile, from the
treatment program.  Luxury treatment provides increased and top of the line psychological testing that may include brain mapping, psychopharmacological testing, amino acid cellular level detoxification, TMS Depression Therapy, and daily individual behavioral therapies.

Entering Luxury Treatment

Confidentiality is an extremely important factor for most individuals seeking addiction or dual diagnosis treatment.  The luxury treatment facilities are designed to provide concierge services from the first phone call to admission.  If you or your loved one is a high profile executive or social figure and are looking to enter a program, you will receive the most comprehensive clinical and medical care in high-end accommodations in the most desired locations across the United States.  Luxury treatment programs are located overlooking the ocean, set atop a mountain peak, nestled in a countryside, or even in a desert oasis. Some luxury programs are pet friendly rehabs as well. Call to speak to a Treatment Specialist at (866) 644-7911.

About the Author

Marissa Katrin Maldonado has been working in the field of addiction and behavioral health since 2006. She has been dedicated to helping individuals and families find treatment for addiction, dual diagnosis, mental health, and eating disorder conditions. Marissa received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University and her Masters Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management at the University of Redlands, School of Business.