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When someone is struggling with a mental health issue—be it a mood disorder, substance abuse or addiction, behavioral addictions, or trauma—they often suffer in silence.  Afraid to share the problem with those closest to them, these individuals may never seek out the treatment they need.  Without treatment, the mental health issue will likely increase in severity, potentially developing into a life threatening condition.

Too many who battle these problems are under the misconception that they are alone with it, that there isn’t anyone to turn to for help.  On the contrary, a free mental health hotline and rehab resources are indeed available, ready to guide you to the treatment your specific situation warrants.  Reaching out to these compassionate mental health specialists can be the first step of your quest to get the help you need to once again experience a joyful, fulfilling life.

What does a Free Mental Health Hotline Provide?

When you hear the word “free” you may first assume that this must be a trick, surely there must be strings attached because, as it is said, there is no free lunch.  In the case of a free mental health hotline, there is no catch involved.  The services and resources are offered at no cost to those in need of locating appropriate treatment for their specific issue.  The professional who takes your call will guide you through various steps that will help them identify the best treatment option for you.

During your contact with the mental health hotline specialist you will be offered a free assessment tool that will provide a significant amount of important information that can assist the specialist in locating the most tailored treatment resources for your needs.  In addition, the free hotline specialist will also conduct a free insurance review that will prepare you with the details of your health plan’s mental health and behavioral health benefits.  All of these services—the assessment tool, the insurance check, and the treatment locator service—are complimentary. Toll-Free: 866-644-7911

What Types of Mental Health Issues Can They Find Treatment For?

Mental health conditions include a wide spectrum of behavioral and psychological disorders.  The mental health hotline will find treatment for such conditions as:

  • Mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder
  • Substance use disorders, such as drug and/or alcohol abuse and addiction
  • Trauma related disorders, such as persistent suffering from experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, including physical or sexual assault, combat trauma, a serious car accident, sudden death of a loved one, or a serious illness
  • Dual diagnosis, which involves both a substance use disorder and coexisting mental health disorder
  • Behavioral disorders, such as gambling addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, and food addiction

How Are Mental Health Conditions Treated?

Each specific mental health or behavioral disorder will call for an individualized treatment plan.  In general, most mental health disorders are treated with a combination of individual cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy sessions, and pharmacotherapy medications.  In a rehab setting, the various therapies are scheduled and integrated with other therapeutic activities.

Inpatient or residential mental health or addiction rehab programs provide intensive, targeted therapy delivered daily for a period of at least one month.  Outpatient programs allow the individual to remain in their home instead of taking up residence at an inpatient facility.  Outpatient programs also provide ongoing individual talk therapy and group counseling sessions.

Most mental health conditions benefit from augmented holistic therapies that help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and help provide important experiential insights that enhance talk therapy.  These activities may include yoga, mindfulness exercises, massage therapy, acupuncture, music and art therapies, guided meditation, journaling, garden therapy, and equine therapy.

The Treatment Specialist Is a Free Mental Health Hotline Resource

The Treatment Specialist is an admissions helpline for those in need of free guidance in locating appropriate treatment for a mental health condition that is causing disruption in daily life and relationships.  The Treatment Specialists possess over a decade of experience assisting individuals in finding the best treatment provider match for their unique issue, whether it is for substance addiction, trauma treatment, or a mood disorder.  After taking the free assessment, the specialists will have a clear picture of your particular treatment needs and will guide you toward getting the help you need.  For more information about our free hotline and resource services call The Treatment Specialist today at (866) 644-7911.

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The Treatment Specialist offers mental health information and treatment resources for adults, teens, and families. If you or your loved one is suffering and is in need of help, you’re not alone, call to receive guidance and support at 866-644-7911.

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