Fraternity Crisis

Fraternity Crisis Awareness and Prevention

Fraternity hazing, that horrific process of vetting recruits or pledges interested in joining a particular fraternity, was supposed to have been outlawed years ago.  Thirty-eight states have banned these “Hell Week” rituals and the national fraternity organizations had as well.  Supposedly. Fraternity hazing has been around for 200 years, with each year seemingly attempting to […]

Heroin Epidemic

Heroin Epidemic And Overdose Rises In The United States

Heroin Epidemic And Overdose Rises In The United States Heroin epidemic, and addiction in general, is an ailment most individuals disregard for a number of reasons. Some view addiction as a product of an individual’s subconscious mind and feel it can easily be controlled by willpower. They neglect the mental connection there is to it. […]

Treatment Facility Locator

National Treatment Facility Locator

Treatment Facility Locator Matches Needs and Preferences through Vast Provider Network  The time has come to seriously address the need for you or your loved one to receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.  Just arriving at the realization that help is needed is the first important step in the journey to recovery. Faced […]