Non 12 Step Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

Non 12 Step Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

With so many medications with harmful side effects and the outbreaks of certain medical conditions that have been linked to the chemicals people introduce to their bodies on a regular basis, people are looking toward alternative treatments. This is even the case with those suffering from a drug or alcohol dependency. Holistic addiction treatment is now available, and holistic inpatient treatment centers are becoming increasingly more popular for that reason.

1. No More Addiction to Another Drug

Sometimes, addiction treatment centers prescribe a drug maintenance program that isn’t always effective. Not to mention, the drugs prescribed aren’t 100-percent safe. Like all medications, you’re introducing a foreign substance that your body may react negatively to. For a person who is already sick from withdrawal and just suffering through cravings and other symptoms, risking a bad reaction to a drug like suboxone or methadone isn’t always the best idea. The drugs themselves can cause a dependency. The person will need to slowly wean from them to prevent going through withdrawal again. Suboxone is less risky than methadone, but it isn’t completely safe. It’s not as common to become addicted to it, but it’s a possibility. With a treatment consisting of a medication, the person will still need a substance on a regular to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

2. Higher Success Levels

One of the main reason people are beginning to look for holistic drug treatment centers is because of how many people are raving about their success. And it’s not just the initial process of getting off of the drug or alcohol either. Holistic alcohol treatment centers and other holistic addiction treatment programs have a higher success rate of people who live the rest of their lives substance free than the success rates of traditional drug and alcohol addiction programs. When people look for a center, they want to be reassured that most people live substance free not just for the first month or so when withdrawal is such a problem but years done the road when they’re no longer in a residential facility.

3. Focus on Life-Long Methods for Recovery

One reason for the high success rate is that people learn how to live without the alcohol or drugs rather than just helping them get through detoxing. They learn how to cope through ways that can be utilized outside of the facility. The person learns how to deal with temptation as well as alternative treatments that can be used to release stress or focus on something besides substances. At holistic drug treatment centers, patients aren’t just given resources for them to use while living at the residential facility. The person is able to find yoga or other forms of therapy that are available in the community.

4. Positive Lifestyle Changes for Life Outside of the Facility

In a holistic addiction treatment facility, patients learn about activities and treatment methods that aren’t just useful when it comes to coping and overcoming addiction. They learn ways to change their lives completely and not just in regards to their addiction. They may find that what they learn is applicable in everyday life. They learn new ways to approach situations and live life. These lessons in healthy living benefit their overall health in many aspects.

5. Full Body Recovery

Holistic medicine’s focal point is on the entire body as opposed to modern medicine. Modern medicine tends to treat the symptoms rather than the actual problem. Holistic medicine delves deep and not only helps with the symptoms but actually assists in treating the underlying problem and the person as a whole. The detoxification process happens on a cellular level with holistic treatment.

6. Builds a Solid Foundation

A house’s foundation is the structure that every other portion of the house depends on. Holistic methods of treatment act as the foundation for recovery. They provide for a strong starting point that all other aspects of the treatment can rely on.

When looking at the many different substance abuse treatment programs out there, it’s important to think about long-term goals rather than a quick fix. While traditional programs ease the initial withdrawal process, they don’t always work in the long run. Patients who look into a holistic addiction treatment program may find that the success rate along with how it affects other parts of their lives aligns better with what they’re looking for in a treatment facility.

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