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What is a Non 12 Step Program?

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a life changing experience that requires serious commitment, willpower and understanding. Many traditional 12-step programs follow very specific guidelines that aren’t necessarily beneficial for every individual. Religion is often a key part of their program but this method is outdated and flawed as it fails to accommodate individuals with other beliefs. When it comes to your recovery, it’s important to choose a path that fits your individual needs. Because of this, non 12 step programs can be used to guide you throughout your recovery in a way that works best for you.

Shifting the View from Addiction to Dependence

A non 12 step rehab program offers recovering addicts a unique view on recovery as a whole. Unlike a traditional 12 step program, these programs work to change the general outlook on addiction and the reasons behind it. Instead of blaming addiction as the sole cause of an addict’s struggles, non 12 step programs understand that the true issue behind addiction is often physical or mental dependence.

When abused, many drugs can cause painful withdrawal symptoms that hinder the recovery of most users. Instead of blaming addiction as the reason for continued drug use many professionals are now realizing that the dependence these drugs can cause is the real problem. Because of this new approach addicts can begin looking past their addiction in order to move on with their life after treatment.

Utilizing New Forms of Therapy

A traditional 12 step program uses a form of group therapy when treating recovering addicts. Unfortunately this method can actually hinder the recovery process. Speaking with strangers about your personal story and past can leave you feeling embarrassed, scared or even ashamed. On top of this, listening to other addicts while they talk about their struggles with addiction may bring up unpleasant memories you’d rather not relive. Non 12 step programs aim to change this approach by using more innovative forms of therapy during your recovery such as:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT helps to identify any areas of your life that need improvement while also providing you with useful ways to improve your coping skills. By delving deeper into the root cause of an addiction cognitive therapy can help you understand the true reasons behind your addiction and how you can face them in the future after treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment uses a facility to house a patient, for a pre-arraigned amount of time, in order to better manage their addiction. By providing an addict with 24 hour care, instead of daily or weekly sessions, their chance for a complete recovery is greatly improved. Inpatient therapy is an ideal choice, especially when a patient is suffering from withdrawal symptoms brought on by drug or alcohol abuse. With professional care provided throughout the entire detoxification process, it can mean the difference between success and failure during such a trying time.

Long Term Rehab

Since each person is unique, it’s important not to generalize their recovery when it comes to addiction and drug dependence. Long term rehab can be provided to patients that require additional care without setting a time limit. Unlike shorter programs, such as 12 step recovery, long term rehab provides an addict with the care they need based on their individual situation and health status. When aiming to prevent relapse, this form of rehab can ensure that a patient is given proper time to heal without feeling rushed or abandoned.

By choosing non 12 step, addicts can now face their recovery head on by taking a route that works best for them as an individual.

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