Non 12 Step Programs for Alcoholism

Locating Non 12 Step Programs for Alcoholism

Do you avoid treatment because you dropped out of your 12 step group and are more interested in finding a non 12 step program? Does your loved one refuse treatment because of not wanting to reveal personal details in 12 step groups? Do you want an individualized treatment program? Learn how non 12 step drug rehab is potentially an ideal option for you or your loved one.

Is it true that 12 step programs provide the best treatment?

When you hear that 12 step groups do not work, there is a reason. The reason is that 12 step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are support groups, not treatment or rehab. AA and NA groups provide no actual drug treatment or alcohol abuse treatment. It is based on the 12 steps and fellowship.

Now that you know that you did not really fail at treatment for your addiction when you stopped attending your AA or NA meetings, perhaps discovering alternatives is an ideal option for you.

Are There Other Reasons that AA and NA Does Not Always Work?

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) quotes NIAAA Director Dr. George Koob, Ph.D. as he explains issues regarding alcohol treatment and offers guidance on what to consider when trying to choose the best path for you or your loved one who needs treatment. The NIAAA points out that research indicates that only a small number of the approximately 17 million people suffering from an alcohol use disorder (AUD) actually receive treatment.

Dr. Koob says, “The popular concept of alcohol treatment is often limited to knowledge of 28-day inpatient rehab or 12-step programs.” Koob further explains, “In fact there are diverse treatment options of which people may be less aware, and many of which can be undertaken with minimal disruption to home and work life. A greater understanding of these options represents a contemporary approach to this problem…”

Similarly, Dr. Lance Dodes, a psychiatrist with 20 years experience studying and treating addiction, told Arun Rath of National Public Radio (NPR) that, regarding 12 step programs, “We hear from the people who do well; we don’t hear from the people who don’t do well.” Dodes does point out that AA does not claim to provide treatment, but rather describes itself as a brotherhood.

Psych Central explains that while 12 step programs work for some people, the reality is that “The program is not effective for everyone,” and that “Those recovering from addiction recover in different ways, and the underlying spiritual elements of AA and NA can be confusing and uncomfortable for some.”

If these points describe you or your loved one, it is not that a 12 step program failed you. You simply likely need the structure and comprehensive help provided in the environment of a comprehensive treatment program.

Are There Alternatives to 12 Step Groups?

Non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs provide the comprehensive treatment that many individuals need. It is imperative to understand, however, that non 12 step drug rehab is no quick fix.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains, “Successful treatment for addiction typically requires continual evaluation and modification as appropriate, similar to the approach taken for other chronic diseases.” When you have your initial assessment upon entering into a non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab program, that is not your only evaluation. Staff evaluates your progress on an on-going basis while you receive treatment. That is one reason that your treatment plan is individualized specifically to your individual treatment needs. Your treatment needs and time in treatment is not the exact same as that of a loved one or any other person in treatment.

The recovery process in a non 12 step program is similar to that described by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), who describes the recovery process as “highly personal.” SAMHSA also says, “Recovery is characterized by continual growth and improvement in one’s health and wellness that may involve setbacks.” Non 12 step programs even help those who relapse.

Perhaps you did not succeed in staying clean when attending 12 step meetings or while in a 12 step program. Discover how a non 12 step program can potentially guide you towards getting clean and staying clean from the alcohol or other drugs that rule your life.

Get Help at a Non 12 Step Programs for Alcoholism

The Treatment Specialist team provides assistance to those suffering from addiction and dual diagnosis conditions find a treatment program that fits their specific needs. The Treatment Specialist team will provide a free confidential assessment and insurance verification. For more information on treatment programs for yourself or a loved one, contact the helpline at (866) 644-7911.

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