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When deciding which addiction treatment program is best for your needs, you will notice that there are more options available that you may have expected.  For decades the traditional 12 step program from Alcoholics Anonymous has been woven into the fabric of the majority of drug and alcohol rehab programs.  Perhaps you had expected all rehabs to reflect this historical approach to addiction treatment.

With the advent of alternative non 12 step programs that are reporting excellent success rates, there are now more choices at hand.  While the non 12 step rehab may represent the road less traveled within the addiction treatment industry, they could be the perfect road for your recovery journey.  Maybe you are a nonconformist at heart, or possibly you are not spiritually inclined—whichever the reason, the non 12 step rehabs East Coast and West Coast offer a fresh and unique approach to addiction treatment.

What Makes the Non 12 Step Programs Different?

The traditional 12 step program has been around since the 1930s, and has changed very little in those 80 years.  The 12 step model is rooted in certain assumptions that must be accepted at the outset.  First, the addict must admit that they are powerless to the addiction.  In addition, the individual accepts that addiction is a lifelong disease with no cure, and that the only way they can survive is to believe that a Higher Power will keep them sober.

In comparison, a non 12 step program is centered on the addict’s inherent power to be active participants in their own recovery.  Most non 12 step programs are secular (although there are some that are faith-based), and guide the addicts toward self-empowerment.  These alternative programs teach self-control, life skills, and instill the confidence needed to overcome addiction and depression.  In the end, this new skill set enables the recovering addict to own their recovery while arming them with a sense of dignity and strength.

How Non 12 Step Rehabs Work?

A key feature in the non 12 step addiction treatment programs is that they are highly individualized to adapt to the unique needs and pace of each client.  Instead of predetermined timelines and outcomes, the non 12 step program allows the client to spend as much time as needed at any phase of treatment.  If a certain method is not effective, these highly flexible programs can adapt by simply shifting to a different program.

The SMART Recovery non 12 step program is the best known of the non 12 steps.  It uses a four-step program guideline that includes:

  1. Building and maintaining motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Living a balanced life.

Notice that these program points are all geared toward gaining self-control over behaviors, which will, in essence, promote self-reliance and empower the individual to conquer their addiction.

Other Features of Non 12 Step Rehab East Coast and West Coast

A growing trend in the recovery field is the inclusion of holistic therapies and experiential activities within the programs.  So much addictive behavior is fueled by anxiety and stress, which is why these therapeutic activities are beneficial in addiction treatment.  Examples of holistic therapies include yoga, massage, acupuncture, mindfulness exercises, meditation, journaling, art and music therapy, and equine therapy.

As in traditional 12 step programs, clinical therapy is often incorporated into the program because it is imperative that the root cause for the addiction be identified and treated.  Combined with the holistic activities, evidence-based therapies can aid in gaining new awareness and insights relating to their emotional needs and addictive behaviors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective clinical model that helps clients address their disordered thoughts and responses and helps them to replace these irrational behaviors and thought processes with healthy, rational ones.  A key difference in the non 12-step therapy component is the absence or rarity of group sessions.

The Treatment Specialist Will Connect you to a Quality Alternative Program

For a quality non 12 step program that emphasizes personal responsibility and self-empowerment, call today at (866) 644-7911.

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