Inpatient Recovery Programs

Inpatient Recovery Programs

Evidence-Based Therapies That Addresses Underlying Issues One of the most damaging fallouts from addiction is the toll it takes on your own self worth.  A formerly strong, intelligent, talented person can be reduced to feeling like they are entirely worthless as a result of a drug or alcohol dependency.  Feeling as if the addiction has […]

Non 12 Step Rehab East Coast

Effective Non 12 Step Rehab East Coast and West Coast

Searching for Non 12 Step Rehab East Coast to West Coast Alternative from Traditional AA Rehabs When deciding which addiction treatment program is best for your needs, you will notice that there are more options available that you may have expected.  For decades the traditional 12 step program from Alcoholics Anonymous has been woven into […]

Alternatives to 12 Step Programs

Alternatives to 12-Step Programs

Secular Treatment Option and Alternatives to 12 Step Programs We humans come in every shape and size imaginable, along with individual, unique minds that differentiate us from each other.  Our likes and dislikes, preferences and aversions guide our choices throughout our lives.  And while many will prefer to take the well-trodden road, others might gravitate […]

12 step vs non 12 step

12-Step Versus Non 12-Step

When it comes time to get help for an alcohol or drug dependency you may notice the myriad of treatment options available and quickly feel overwhelmed.   Most recovery programs, no matter how varied the approach, embrace either a 12-step model, based on the program from Alcoholics Anonymous, or a non 12-step model.  Understanding the […]

Non 12 Step Program

Why Choose a Non 12 Step Program?

What are the Differences at a Non 12 Step Program and Rehab? Wouldn’t life be simple if we humans could all just be the standard pegs that fit perfectly into the matching round hole?  But the reality is that people are as diverse as Forest Gump’s box of chocolates.  The differences between us sometimes seem […]

Faith Based vs Secular

Faith Based vs Secular Addiction Treatment

Faith Based Addiction Treatment Importance of Alignment Between Faith Beliefs and Treatment Yes, believers get caught up into alcohol or drug addiction, too.  Drug and alcohol dependency does not discriminate between people based on their religious and spiritual beliefs—or the lack of them.  Addiction is addiction, period, but treatment programs that specifically tailor their message […]

Non 12 Step Program

What is a Non 12 Step Program?

Learn About the Best Non 12 Step Program Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a life changing experience that requires serious commitment, willpower and understanding. Many traditional 12-step programs follow very specific guidelines that aren’t necessarily beneficial for every individual. Religion is often a key part of their program but this method is outdated and flawed as it fails to accommodate […]

Non 12 Step Rehab Texas

Non 12 Step Rehab Texas

Locating the Right Non 12 Step Rehab Texas If you are struggling with an addiction or mental health condition and are looking for a rehabilitation program you may be put off by words commonly used in 12 step programs. These programs tend to pass around terms like “disease” and “powerless”. It only makes sense that […]

Non Religious 12 Step

Can Non Religious 12 Step Really Work for Me or My Loved One?

Non Religious 12 Step Treatment Options Think about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and other similar programs, and the first thought that likely comes to mind is the fact that these are 12-step treatment programs with religious overtones. What do you do, however, if you are not a religious person? Perhaps you are agnostic, […]

Inmates Serving Life Sentences for Drugs

Individuals Serving Life in Prison For Drugs

8 Inmates Serving Life Sentences for Drugs The criminal justice system doesn’t always make sense to many people. Sometimes, purchasing a small amount of drugs can lead a person to serving life in prison. The person doesn’t even need to have harmed another person physically to basically be sentenced to giving his or her life […]