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Have you been feeling symptoms of OCD? Feel free to fill out our easy form for a quick analysis of your current symptoms. There are a number of treatment options for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder based on your unique symptoms and needs. At any time, please call to speak to a treatment specialist at (866) 644-7911 to learn more.

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Do you keep objects around the house in perfect order?

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Are you concerned with contaminatin (dirt, germs, chemicals, radiation) or contracting a serious illness?

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Do you worry about terrible things happening such as natural disasters, burglary, losing a loved one suddenly, or something horrible happening to you?

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Do you wash your hands excessively or spend a long time cleaning in the shower?

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Do you recheck the stove, oven, light switches, water faucets, and/or door locks?

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Do you re-open envelopes before they are mailed or check email messages repeatedly before sending them?

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Do you examine your body for signs of an illness?

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Do you avoid particular colors, numbers, or names that are associated with dreaded events, misfortune, or unpleasant thoughts?

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Do you feel the need for reassurance that you said or did something correctly?

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