How long does Fentanyl Stay in Your System

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System

If you are wondering what drug could possibly be more dangerous than heroin, the resounding answer is fentanyl.  In fact, in 2016 overdose deaths that involved fentanyl totaled over 20,000, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control.  Fentanyl related deaths represented the sharpest increase among all the drugs involved in overdose death.  Fentanyl is […]

detoxing from benzos in hospitals

Detoxing From Benzos in Hospitals and Residential Treatment Programs

Benzodiazepines (aka benzos) are a class of drugs used primarily to help patients struggling with anxiety or insomnia.  The drugs are commonly dispensed under the brand names Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, Halcion, and Valium.  They are fast-acting, inexpensive sedatives that provide swift relief for these legitimate medical issues.  The problem is, benzos are also highly addictive […]

Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

America is a nation of pill poppers.  In 2017, over 4 billion—yes, billion—retail prescription drugs were filled at pharmacies, according to the Kaiser Foundation.  Fueling these numbers is the continual onslaught of pharmaceutical commercials that beckon consumers to take a pill for this and a pill for that, each with a long list of adverse […]

How to Overcome Adderall Addiction

How to Overcome Adderall Addiction

How to Overcome Adderall Addiction Adderall may have had a benevolent beginning as a legitimate treatment for individuals with ADHD or narcolepsy, but has in recent years become a highly abused drug among teens and young adults.  The stimulant was designed to offset the symptoms of ADHD, and is effective in treating that patient population.  […]

what happens in detox

What Happens in Detox

What Happens in Detox? Anyone who has made the courageous attempt to detox from drug or alcohol addiction alone is likely to have been humbled by the experience.  Not anticipating the intense discomfort that detox involves can lead to disappointment and feelings of despair unless guided and supported by addiction professionals.  Any hope of completing […]

Dilaudid Withdrawal Remedies

Dilaudid Withdrawal Remedies

Most Effective Dilaudid Withdrawal Remedies Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is a Schedule II prescription narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain.  The drug is commonly prescribed after surgery, for a serious injury, or for extreme pain experienced by a terminal cancer patient.  Dilaudid is very effective in reducing pain—eight times more powerful than morphine.   As […]

Opioid Triangle Georgia

Opioid Triangle Georgia

Inside the Opioid Triangle Georgia The opioid epidemic has swept across the country, leaving few areas unaffected by this insidious killer that steals about 90 young lives each day.  When looking at drug trends and death statistics, one particular region of interest is what has been termed The Triangle.  The opioid triangle Georgia encompasses a […]

Prescription Drug Abuse college students

Increased Prescription Drug Use in Universities

Prescription Drug Abuse College Students Despite the fact that binge drinking and alcohol abuse have retained the top spot when it comes to substance abuse issues on college campuses, the abuse of prescription drugs – most notably opioids, stimulants and sedatives, is a growing problem that most universities are simply not dealing with. According to […]

Cough syrup Addiction Treatment

Cough Syrup High – Facts about Sizzurp

Cough Syrup Addiction Treatment Throughout the country, prescription drug abuse has been on the rise in the last decade. However, most people associate this epidemic with substances such as Xanax or OxyContin. Few people may realize that the codeine in a cough syrup has become another popular yet dangerous way to abuse opiates. Purple drank or […]

prescription drug abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse and Prevention

A Review of Prescription Drug Abuse and Prevention Drug addict is an ugly term that is generally associated with “junkies” on the street looking for a fix. The truth is that drug addiction also comes in the form of prescription drug abuse. According to a January 2012 report by the Centers for Disease Control, prescription drug abuse is […]