Process Addiction List

Process Addiction List

A process addiction is a behavior that an individual becomes dependent on. These addictions include adrenaline addictions, gambling addictions, sex addictions, love addiction, self harming addiction, and shopping addiction.

Adrenaline and Thrill Seeking Addictions

  • When did you first become addicted to adrenaline and dopamine?
  • What is it about addiction and thrill-seeking that causes you to choose to enthrall yourself with uncertainty?

IF you really want to know, then keep reading.

You may or may not find the answer you want or are looking for. Maybe you will.

If the last 2 sentences sound weird, truth be told, the essence of those sentences describe what thrill seeking actually relates to. It’s the desire for something, yet not knowing what may or may not happen in the end.

The Free Dictionary definition of Thrill Seeking is: An undertaking of a questionable nature; to take a risk; dare.

Let’s go over a few non-drug related addictions and how they can affect you.


Gambling is a strong force. Yet, some people are able to go to casinos, bring in a maximum of $40, and leave when the money is gone. Whether or not they won is not why they have chosen to leave. They just don’t want to spend more money and are using their own ability to choose when it comes to leaving.

However, many others cannot control the urge to continue playing. They have hope that if you put in another $5 you might just win this time around. But the point is – you aren’t sure.

This is where the real thrill comes in. It’s not even about the money – well, except for when you are completely broke, or actually win a lot. 

Sex Addictions

Sex and Pornography addictions are the same when it comes to thrill seeking. You expect to get a natural high, and even though you know the ending, the thrill is still inherent in the action. Your brain is filled with the pleasure chemical called dopamine and it enters your body.

  • Sex is not wrong (Especially in a marital relationship)
  • Random sex is not acceptable to most people in the world around us

Part of the actual thrill is because you aren’t sure whether the person is going to have sex with you at the end of the night.

If you decided to get married however, it’s more than likely you can have sex when you want. But that’s where part of the problem lies. You may find great pleasure in your loved one, but you already know that it’s going to happen specifically because you are married. This is what kills it for your brain. There is no ‘excitement’ merely because you aren’t taking a risk.

CBT as an Option

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a popular option for those seeking recovery from addictions of all kinds. Even if you have your addictions, it’s possible that you still have underlying behavioral issues that must be dealt with in order to stay clean and sober in body and mind.

The addiction may be different but the behaviors are the same, no matter what type of thrill-seeking you are undertaking. When you give in to your addictions, your brain is now re-wired to certain habitual practices that trigger a dopamine release. If you stop these addictions, the dopamine is no longer present and you experience withdrawal. .

Changing one’s thoughts and therefore behaviors are a part of the process of recovery in order to be set free.

  • The human brain is powerful
  • The neurons in the brain can be built up again
  • Our brains/bodies have amazing, natural healing abilities

In order to find this new found ‘brain power’, to build ourselves up again after an addiction, and to allow the brain to heal itself and become stronger again, we must make the choice to think different thoughts and take actions that we have never taken before.

Auto-Pilot Decisions

If you have seen the movie “Click” with Adam Sandler, then you know what it means to be an addict. Even though addiction was not present in the movie, being on auto-pilot was. He didn’t think about what he was doing. The choices that he made were programmed into the remote control and he continued to do things based upon his previous likes and dislikes.

How Can We Get Free?

  • Remain in the Present Moment
  • Do not Dissociate
  • Accept Life as it comes
  • Don’t get stuck in your mind
  • Take Positive Steps of Action
  • Create New Habits

Do you really want to feel like you are ‘programmed’ to act a certain way for the rest of your life? The truth is, you have the absolute power to change this as long as you no longer dissociate your mind and body from the present moment no matter how painful it is.

Sure, making new choices is not easy, but after you do something for a certain period of time, these new, healthy choices become habits. If you decide to make the same proper decisions over a time period of at least 21 days straight, this would be enough time for your brain to re-wire itself and therefore create new habits.

The Treatment Specialist Can Help

If you or your loved one is suffering from any of the conditions listed on the process addiction list and is in need of help, call to connect with a treatment center for a Free Confidential Assessment at 866-644-7911.

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