dust off addiction

Treatment and Recovery for Dust Off Addiction

Inhalant abuse involves the use of various aerosol spray products, inhaling the fumes to achieve a short-lived high.  Of the different types of household products that kids and teens may abuse, Dust-Off is one of the most popular. Dust Off addiction develops when the individual repeatedly seeks to experience a high through “dusting” (also referred […]

How to Tell if Someone is Sniffing Coke

How to Tell if Someone is Sniffing Coke

Maybe a friend or colleague has suddenly become a ball of blazing energy.  She may seem to be accelerating through the days, moving at the speed of light with bursts of euphoria and excitement punctuating her movements.  Wow, either she has been drinking too much coffee, you think, or maybe she has employed a little […]

Relapse Prevention Guide

Overcoming Addiction: A Relapse Prevention Guide  

In the United States, an estimated 21.5 million people have a substance abuse disorder. The family members of a person who is struggling with an addiction is just as important as the individual where recovery is concerned, because they play a critical role in relapse prevention. Helping a loved one avoid relapse once he or […]

fitness plan for addiction recovery

5 Question to Ask When Designing a Fitness Plan for Addiction Recovery

Fitness Plan for Addiction Recovery In recent years, it has become evident that exercise can play a significant role in treating addiction and helping addicts get sober and stay sober longer. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “exercise is increasingly becoming a component of many treatment programs and has proven effective.” This is […]

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Programs

The victim looks like any other normal woman.  She is smart, pretty, and kind.  She wears no outward visible signs of her ordeal to the untrained eye.  But appearances can be deceiving, as this woman is carrying around so much pain and misery after years of abuse at the hands of a narcissist.  But like […]

Mental Breakdown Symptoms

Mental Breakdown Symptoms and Recovery

Forget those old Hollywood depictions of someone being trotted off to the “looney bin” tightly wrapped in a straight jacket and shot up with some heavy sedative to turn them into drooling vegetables within seconds.  Come on.  In real life—and one never knows when a total mental meltdown could befall any of us so it […]

Top OCD Treatment Centers

Top OCD Treatment Centers

Top OCD Treatment Centers Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can trap those who suffer with it into exhausting and frustrating thoughts and behavior patterns that become all consuming in daily life.  OCD holds a vise grip over the individual’s every waking moment by demanding constant vigilance over irrational thoughts and repetitive rituals in order to manage feelings […]

Signs Someone is Addicted to Opiates

6 Signs Someone is Addicted to Opiates

6 Signs Someone is Addicted to Opiates Something about your loved one is off.  You sense that something has changed but can’t quite put your finger on exactly what.  Slight changes in routines, habits, and behaviors begin to add up, while your own sense of dread mounts.  You hear about the problem with opiate addiction—stories […]

Couples Rehab

Couples Rehab

Couples Getting Sober Together in Couples Rehab When both members of a couple struggle with a substance use disorder the resulting consequences seem to increase exponentially.  Everything escalates.  The stress on the relationship caused by the substance use disorder (SUD) can lead to domestic violence, financial problems, and family instability.  Because some substances, such as […]