Rehabs that Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Rehabs that Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans

For far too long treatment for drug or alcohol addiction was not a covered benefit under the majority of insurance plans.  Since 2008 major shifts in what kinds of coverage should be available to people in need of addiction treatment have occurred, removing a barrier that formerly stood between the individual and hope.

BlueCross BlueShield is a nationwide insurer of detox and treatment for substance use disorders,  co-occurring mental health disorders, and primary mental health conditions.  This vast network of health insurance plans provides a wide range of coverage for these conditions that will vary based on the plan purchased, either through an employer’s group plan or a private policy.  If this is your insurance provider, finding rehabs that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield should not be too difficult.

Types of Rehabs that Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

The majority of health care plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield will offer some level of coverage for addiction and mental health treatment.  Some have limits as to the time allotted for services, defining the number of days or weeks of coverage.  Some will actually pay for the entirety of the stay in an inpatient program, where others will only cover outpatient services.  The type of insurance coverage you have elected to receive will determine the limits, deductibles, copays, and maximums.

The different types of rehabs that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance include:

Services Offered at Rehabs that Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Addiction and Mental Health treatment services provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield approved rehabs will cover a spectrum of excellent treatment elements to varying degrees (based on your specific plan).  These may include:

  • Detox and withdrawal. This is the first phase of treatment when the body is detoxified from the substance of abuse.  In some cases, inpatient detox will be necessary with ongoing monitoring of vitals and withdrawal symptoms.  Pain and discomfort, and drug cravings, can be assisted with prescription medications and over-the-counter medications.  Addiction treatment cannot begin until the detox phase is complete.
  • Psychological counseling. Drug and alcohol treatment revolves around examining the underlying factors and causes of the addictive behaviors.  Using a mix of individual sessions with a psychotherapist and group counseling with peers, clinicians can guide the individual toward new revelations about disordered behaviors and teach them new, productive thoughts and responses to triggers.
  • Dual diagnosis. In many cases, a co-occurring mental health disorder accompanies the substance use disorder, especially depression and anxiety.  If it is determined that an individual has a dual diagnosis, both of the disorders will be treated accordingly through medications and targeted psychotherapy.
  • Outpatient aftercare is a critical component of a successful recovery from addiction.  After the completion of an inpatient or intensive outpatient program it is important to continue counseling and furthering education regarding addiction.

The Treatment Specialist can Locate Rehabs that Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Treatment Specialist is a one-stop resource for locating the best rehab provider under your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.  The specialists can help you with the pre-certification process and confirm what services your policy will cover.  After a free assessment, this expert team will guide you to quality rehabs that are aligned with your specific treatment needs.  For help finding a Blue Cross Blue Shield approved rehab provider, contact The Treatment Specialist today at (866) 644-7911.


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