Mac Miller Overdose

Yet another artist has succumbed to the fury of fentanyl. Mac Miller, the 26-year old rapper from Pittsburgh, was found […]

How to Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms at Home

Sometimes the anticipation of a negative experience can create exaggerated expectations, preventing a person from moving ahead.  While alcohol detox […]

Relapse Prevention Guide

In the United States, an estimated 21.5 million people have a substance abuse disorder. The family members of a person […]

Staying Sober

Staying Sober with Support and Tools Most questions defy easy answers. Here’s an example: “is it possible to beat substance […]

Sober Living Santa Monica

Sober Living Santa Monica “Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea […]

Sober Living San Diego

Locating a Quality Sober Living San Diego Area Rebuilding your life after rehab requires time and lots of patience.  The […]

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How to Help a Loved One Coming Out of Rehab Arguably, one of the most exciting and terrifying moments in […]

Motivation for Recovery from Addiction

Motivation for Recovery from Addiction Dealing with addiction is often a very painful and difficult time for many people. It […]

tips to prevent relapse

Tips to Prevent Relapse on Drugs and Alcohol Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction is no easy task. Making the […]

Addiction Relapse Triggers

Addiction Relapse Triggers Overcoming a drug addiction is a slow process that involves retraining your brain to cope without drugs. While […]