Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers Los Angeles

Quality Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers Los Angeles

When considering getting treatment at a drug rehabilitation center Los Angeles it is wise to take a long view.  This means that, while the detox and withdrawal phase are the most pressing in terms of cleansing the body of the substance and stabilizing the individual, the curative period that follows needs to be one that will help sustain recovery over the long haul.

Residential drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles offer sober living communities to help transition those new in recovery toward embracing sober lifestyles while reinforcing new healthy habits.  Residential programs typically last about 90 days, allowing enough time for the client to solidify their commitment to sobriety as well as gaining the social support that is crucial to a sustained recovery.

Sober Living Key to Success in Recovery

The reality is that a typical 28-day stint in rehab is usually not enough time to establish deep enough roots for a successful recovery.  Drug and alcohol dependency takes awhile to remap brain chemistry and neuro-pathways, so it will take a few months to restore normal functioning.  Thinking that, after 28 days in treatment, you are good to go is a serious error in thinking that may culminate in relapse.  This is because early recovery is very tenuous, where the newly sober individual is vulnerable to triggers, cravings, and other influences that can cause them to return to using.

Surrounding one’s self with others who are equally committed to sobriety while living in a drug and alcohol-free residence helps to reinforce the behaviors that keep one strong in sobriety.  Combined with accountability to actively participate in a recovery group and continuing therapy sessions, the residential sober program offers structure while introducing the residents to enjoyment in recovery.  Just experiencing fun and fulfilling activities that require no buzz in order to enjoy helps motivate the newly sober to embrace their new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

What a Residential Sober Living Rehabilitation Center Offers

In addition to providing a safe, supportive, and sober living environment, these residential rehabilitation centers Los Angeles can create a whole new way of seeing the world.  As health and wellness is slowly restored, the residents begin to view life as worth living once again.  This process is possible with the combination of treatment elements found in a quality sober living residential program, such as:

  • Case management that is individualized for each resident
  • Clearly stated expectations, including rules and responsibilities
  • Intensive involvement in securing each client’s recovery, including periodic random drug and alcohol testing
  • Medication monitoring
  • Required attendance at meetings
  • Active participation in house activities
  • Providing of transportation to doctor and therapy appointments if needed
  • Staff onsite 24/7
  • A family component, such as family meetings, groups, or coaching

What makes a residential recovery home successful, however, adds to that list of fundamental elements the important joy component.  If the resident does not experience some enjoyment along the road to sustained recovery they may just give up and seek to use the substances again.  A quality sober living residential program will include activities that help round out the recovery experience.  These may include:

  • Holistic activities, such as yoga, massage, sauna, and meditation
  • Outdoor activities, such as organized sports, biking, surfing, hiking, fishing, golf
  • An emphasis on exercise, even providing a trainer
  • Outings, such as local sports events or concerts

By the end of the treatment period at such a residential rehabilitation center in Los Angeles, the client will have established a lifestyle where drugs and alcohol are not needed in order to experience a fulfilled, happy existence.

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