Sober Living Santa Monica

Sober Living Santa Monica

Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part                                                               ~Hermann Broch

Anyone who has spent time in the presence of the seashore knows the mystical quality it possesses.  The rhythmic undulation of the waves as they crash upon the shore, the fine sea spray that caresses your face—all the elements of the ocean seem to want to heal us, to make us whole again.

There is no better time to be in the proximity of the ocean as in the early recovery phase from addiction.  The sheer natural beauty of the sea seems to envelop you in a big bear hug, giving you a sense of hope and renewal.  The saltwater itself is medicinal, aiding in relaxation and reducing inflammation of joints and muscles, while the sunshine elevates mood by increasing levels of vitamin D.  Simply stated, restoring your emotional and physical health by choosing sober living in Santa Monica will enhance your recovery.

Why Sober Living in Santa Monica Benefits Recovery

Some people might mistakenly believe that once they are discharged from an addiction treatment program they are good to go.  On the contrary, it is the continuing care piece of addiction treatment that is so crucial to reaching a successful outcome.  New sober lifestyle habits and thought patterns take time to solidify, which is why spending those early months in recovery in a clean and sober environment is so important.

Sober living in Santa Monica offers the best of both worlds.  While living in a supportive home setting reinforcing new healthy habits, you have access to the healing properties and cool coastal vibe that a beach town offers.  Santa Monica has an active recovery community, hosting regular 12-step or non 12-step meetings for social support, as well as providing local outpatient services.

Things to do in the Santa Monica Region

One of the common threats to sobriety is boredom.  Battling boredom is easy while in a sober living community in Santa Monica, as there is plenty to keep you occupied and distracted.  Whether people-watching on the boardwalk, the pier, or at Venice Beach, Santa Monica is always interesting and certainly never dull.

Santa Monica’s natural beauty inspires outdoor activity.  You will find many options for recreation and fitness activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, cycling/walking/jogging on the boardwalk, fishing, yoga sessions, and kayaking, to name a few.  Breathtaking hiking trails are available in the nearby Pacific Palisades, such as the Skull Rock trail and the Murphy Ranch trail.

How to Select Quality Sober Living Santa Monica

It is helpful to have a good understanding of what constitutes a quality sober living in Santa Monica.  While there is a wide range of sober living accommodations available, there are certain basic features to look for in a solid sober housing community.  These include:

  • Zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use, possession, or distribution
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing
  • Requires residents to actively pursue employment or academic studies
  • Requires active participation in recovery groups, such as 12-step or non 12-step
  • Requires all residents to share the housekeeping responsibilities
  • Provides a clean and orderly living environment that is free from drugs and alcohol
  • Forbid weapons on the premises as well as any aggressive or violent behavior
  • Has house rules clearly stated and posted in a visible location

Many quality sober living homes provide transportation to outpatient programs, and medical or legal appointments.  Some higher end sober living communities offer day trips, local recreational outings such as concerts or sports events, and holistic therapies.

The Treatment Specialist can Connect you to Quality Sober Housing

Receive access to a wide network of top-rated sober living homes to select the perfect housing choice for your unique preferences and needs.  Call today for more information about your sober living options at 866-644-7911

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