Relapse Prevention Guide

Overcoming Addiction: A Relapse Prevention Guide  

In the United States, an estimated 21.5 million people have a substance abuse disorder. The family members of a person who is struggling with an addiction is just as important as the individual where recovery is concerned, because they play a critical role in relapse prevention. Helping a loved one avoid relapse once he or […]

how to find a rehab facility

How to Find a Rehab Facility

Hooray! You have made the important decision to turn your life around by getting help to break free from a drug or alcohol addiction. Perhaps you have suffered enough of the negative consequences attributable to the addiction, or maybe you can see the writing on the wall and are proactively seeking help. The only thing […]

fitness plan for addiction recovery

5 Question to Ask When Designing a Fitness Plan for Addiction Recovery

Fitness Plan for Addiction Recovery In recent years, it has become evident that exercise can play a significant role in treating addiction and helping addicts get sober and stay sober longer. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “exercise is increasingly becoming a component of many treatment programs and has proven effective.” This is […]

Staying Sober

On Your Own But Not Alone: The Truth About Staying Sober

Staying Sober with Support and Tools Most questions defy easy answers. Here’s an example: “is it possible to beat substance addiction on your own?” Some will reply with a “yes,” others with a fervent “no.” Here’s the not-so-simple truth: Achieving lasting recovery is up to the individual, when all is said and done. Just as […]

Sober Living Santa Monica

Coastal Vibe Enhances Sober Living Santa Monica

Sober Living Santa Monica “Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part”                                                                ~Hermann Broch Anyone who has spent time in the presence of the seashore knows the mystical quality it possesses.  The rhythmic undulation of the waves as they crash upon the shore, […]

Sober Living San Diego

Sober Living San Diego

Locating a Quality Sober Living San Diego Area Rebuilding your life after rehab requires time and lots of patience.  The old, destructive addict lifestyle is being replaced slowly but surely with new, healthy habits, a clearer head, and a renewed commitment to achieve the joyful life you are meant to live. The transitional period that […]

Motivation for Recovery from Addiction

Motivation for Recovery from Addiction

Motivation for Recovery from Addiction Dealing with addiction is often a very painful and difficult time for many people. It is very important to believe that while it is difficult, you can stay sober and regain your life. An important step is to find your motivations and to remind yourself of the reasons you wish to […]

tips to prevent relapse

Tips to Prevent Relapse

Tips to Prevent Relapse on Drugs and Alcohol Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction is no easy task. Making the decision to stay clean and sober may be easy, but sticking to it can be hard. Part of this difficulty arises from temptation from friends and even family; especially when it comes to alcohol. Alcohol […]

Addiction Relapse Triggers

Addiction Relapse Triggers

Addiction Relapse Triggers Overcoming a drug addiction is a slow process that involves retraining your brain to cope without drugs. While you’re going through drug addiction rehab, it’s important to keep in mind that experiencing strong cravings is common, especially at first. You can help lower your risk of having these cravings by staying away from […]

prescription drug abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse and Prevention

A Review of Prescription Drug Abuse and Prevention Drug addict is an ugly term that is generally associated with “junkies” on the street looking for a fix. The truth is that drug addiction also comes in the form of prescription drug abuse. According to a January 2012 report by the Centers for Disease Control, prescription drug abuse is […]