Mental Disorders with High Suicide Rates

4 Mental Disorders with High Suicide Rates

Understanding Mental Disorders with High Suicide Rates Most everyone has dealt with the pain from the aftermath of suicide. With suicide being the 10th leading cause of death for all ages, many friends and relatives have been left to wonder why a loved one would take their life. Studies are showing that there is an […]

celebrities who committed suicide

Top 10 Celebrities who Committed Suicide

Tragic and Heartbreaking: Celebrities Who Committed Suicide Everyone remembers the collective sorrow felt when the news of Robin William’s death by suicide was reported.  It was shocking—this bright, funny, clever comedian/actor was the last person you’d think would take his own life.  But how we perceive each other, based on outward appearances and demeanor, is […]

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington Suicide at Young Age of 41

Chester Bennington Suicide Tragic Chester Copperpot, that’s what I called him when I first had a chance to meet him! My younger sister was absolutely enamored with Chester and Linkin Park and so of course we ended up at the Family Values Tour in 2002. Talk about a needle in a hay stack, we just […]