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Helping Teens Find a Healthier Path

If you have a teen that is suffering from substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or any other mental health condition, you are probably feeling a whole mixture of emotions, including despair for help from a teen treatment program.  It is not uncommon for teens to go through periods of time where they struggle to find their path and identity in this fast paced world we live in.  And there are points where they might make wrong turns and find themselves in a tough spot where they need help to get back on track.  The good news is there are very high quality treatment programs for Teens across the country that specialize in various conditions.

What to Expect at Teen Treatment Programs

Teen Treatment Programs offers comprehensive programming including initial in depth psychological testing and clinical assessments to review any underlying mental health symptoms or conditions.  The Teen will be assigned a full treatment team including a psychiatrist, therapist, academic counselors, and support staff.  The treatment programming includes individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, on-site academics, experiential therapies (examples: hiking, meditation, cooking, gardening, equine), and exercise.  There will be a 24-hour staff that will be there to monitor and support the teen the whole way through their treatment program.

Most Insurance Accepted

Insurance is accepted at most treatment programs which can greatly reduce the out of pocket costs for treatment.  When you contact the treatment center at 866-644-7911, you will receive a free insurance check which will show your available benefits and coverage.

Your Teen Deserves the Best Help

You’re not alone, many families and parents have struggled with their teens for various reasons and situations. Contact the teen treatment center to learn more about the teen program options. Call toll free at 866-644-7911.

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