Can I Force My Teenager into Rehab

Can I Force My Teenager into Rehab

Many Parents Are Asking Can I Force My Teenager into Rehab Nothing can bring a parent to their knees faster than learning their teenage son or daughter is abusing drugs or alcohol.  With overdose rates at stratospheric levels and too many young people losing their lives to drugs, is it any wonder that a parent […]

Rehab for Teenage Depression

Rehab for Teenage Depression

Rehab for Teenage Depression for Healing and Recovery As a parent, it isn’t easy to know if your teen is simply struggling with typical age-related moodiness or, instead, may be suffering from a serious mood disorder that can threaten their entire well-being.  It is well known that the teen years are rife with extreme fluctuations […]

rehab for under 18

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Under 18 Age Group

Teen Rehab for Under 18 The teen years are especially vulnerable to the danger of developing a substance use disorder.  This particular phase of life often features a wildly unrealistic sense of immortality—a sort of deluded sense of immunity from harm and injury.  Most adults can recall risky behaviors taken during their high school era, […]

adolescent mental health treatment

Importance of Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

Teen Mental Health Treatment and Support We all know how important early detection is when it comes to our physical health.  Early intervention into health conditions can make the difference between life and death.  This same concept holds true when it comes to mental health, especially when it comes to identifying mental health disorders in […]

Treatment for Depression in Young Adults

Treatment for Depression in Young Adults

Options and Treatment for Depression in Young Adults The trend in the U.S. for young adults grappling with depression and anxiety is most definitely on the uptick, a disheartening sign of the times.  In fact, a 2009 study based on commonly used psychological surveys, such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), shows that 85% […]

teenage drug abuse

Teenage Drug Abuse

Teenage Drug Abuse in High School High school is tough for many teenagers.  There’s the pressure of trying to fit in (or at least not stand out); there’s the challenge of trying to juggle sports, clubs, and academics with spending time with friends and family; and there’s the ever-looming question all high school students eventually hear, “Are you going […]

Kind of Drugs Look Like Candy

Hidden Drugs

Kind of Drugs Look Like Candy When the FDA banned flavored cigarettes in 2009, they did so because these candy-flavored drugs provided a special appeal to children, who could become addicted after trying them. But candy-like flavors such as chocolate, cherry, and strawberry aren’t just a danger in the tobacco industry. In fact, drugs hidden […]

Synthetic Cathinones

The Dangers of Synthetic Cathinones in Teens

Why are Synthetic Cathinones Dangerous “Bath salts” have made national news in recent years due to their highly unusual – inducing components. The term, “bath salts,” is given to synthetics for their close resemblance to bath salts that are used during bathing, such as Epsom salts. Unfortunately, synthetic cathinones are commonly sold over the counter […]