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Treatment Facility Locator Matches Needs and Preferences through Vast Provider Network

 The time has come to seriously address the need for you or your loved one to receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.  Just arriving at the realization that help is needed is the first important step in the journey to recovery.

Faced with what appears to be an endless plethora of addiction treatment options can be so overwhelming that it may even cause you to waiver in your efforts to find help.  Who knew choosing a drug or alcohol treatment facility was so complicated?  A litany of treatment options exist—evidence-based treatment, holistic treatment, faith-based treatment, 12-step treatment, non 12-step treatment, luxury treatment—the list goes on and on!

Do not despair.  All you need is a little guidance to assist you on the treatment selection process, and the Treatment Specialist Team s here to offer that help find the best options through the free treatment locator service.

 What is The Treatment Specialist?

Because of the limitless addiction treatment options out there, the need arose for a treatment locator service to act as a conduit, to help connect those in need of help with the best match for a treatment program.  This is the need that Addiction Helplines addresses.  It can guide someone seeking help toward the treatment option that best aligns with that individual’s personal preferences and needs.  By accessing the myriad of providers nationwide that provide various types of programs, The Treatment Specialist will narrow down your choices and smooth the process from beginning to end through their Treatment Facility Locator service.

The Treatment Specialist acknowledges that each person has their own unique set of needs and struggles, as well as personal worldviews and preferences.  We believe that these special differences should be part of the process of selecting a treatment program because a good fit is imperative to a successful treatment outcome.

For example, if an individual does not believe in a higher power or God, then a 12-step based program could be possibly offensive to them as 12-step programs weave spiritual belief throughout the steps.  On the other hand, if someone is a practicing Christian (or Jew, Mormon, or Catholic), they would be most responsive to a treatment program that aligns with those particular beliefs.

Other preferences a person may have might be geographic location, dual diagnosis treatment (when a mental health disorder co-occurs with the addiction, such as depression or anxiety), type of accommodations offered, other amenities offered, medically supervised detox, natural detox, and various types of clinical therapy.  There are rehabs that address all these variables, but why waste time trying to identify and locate them when The Treatment Specialist can do the work for you?

Contact The Treatment Specialist for Personalized Assistance

The Treatment Specialist Team is ready to help you to get the help you need by using our Treatment Facility Locator service.  These highly trained, compassionate professionals will walk you through the steps to assess your unique needs and desires for addiction treatment.  They will help determine the detox services you may need, whether you need a dual diagnosis facility, and match up the treatment elements you desire with the rehab that offers them.  These may include art and music therapy, equine therapy, meditation, yoga, or gyms, to name a few.

Our Treatment Specialist team can also assist you with your insurance eligibility.  The Treatment Specialist offers free insurance verification and will provide you with the details of your insurance benefits.  In addition, the team can arrange for individualized payment plans in the event there is insufficient or no insurance coverage for treatment.  Call for help, Toll-Free: (866) 644-7911.


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