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What is a Treatment Placement Specialist?

You know something is off; you just haven’t felt yourself for months.  Your annual physical and labs were perfectly normal with no sign of disease on the horizon.  But still, you suffer from extreme lethargy, often getting next to nothing accomplished during the day. More often than not, you find yourself curled up in bed sipping wine and avoiding the world.  In fact, lately you find that you are drinking more and more, if for no other reason than to slip into a state of denial about how lousy you are feeling about yourself and your life.

When emotional troubles begin to be so difficult that the only relief you find is by using drugs or alcohol to cope, it is definitely time to seek out some help.  But one glance at the plethora of behavioral treatment programs can leave you frozen in your tracks.  In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are more than 14,500 rehabs in the United States!  A friend suggests you contact a treatment placement specialist.  What is a treatment placement specialist, you ask?  They are addiction and mental health professionals who specialize in in locating treatment for a mood disorders and substance use disorders.

So Exactly What Is a Treatment Placement Specialist?

A treatment placement specialist provides an array of services that helps locate the right type of treatment for someone struggling with a mental health disorder and/or a substance use disorder.  These services are typically free of charge and completely confidential.  The best treatment placement services feature specialists with a deep level of knowledge, experience, and training in the behavioral health field.  This is important, as the locator specialists are entrusted in matching your individual needs with the best treatment program match.

Part of the process in determining the best provider is the use of an assessment tool.  The assessments are comprehensive and reveal the specifics of the individual’s chief medical complaint, any history of substance abuse or mental health conditions, and general state of physical health.  Based on this data, the specialist can target the best programs that align with the person’s unique needs.

Helping the individual understand their insurance benefits is also a service the specialists can offer at no charge.  Instead of being in the dark about out-of-pocket costs for treatment, the treatment locator can review your specific health plan benefits and spell out the costs, if any.

Importance of Receiving Guidance for Choosing a Treatment Program

Instead of grasping at straws in the dark, enlisting the free services of a treatment placement specialist can save time and frustration when you are in need of timely help.  There are so many rehabs with specialties nowadays, such as pet-friendly rehab or mental health treatment at a family farm, for just two examples.  Sharing your personal preferences with the locator specialist ensures you will be in a treatment environment where you will be happy.  The best outcomes happen when one feels comfortable in the treatment setting.

Don’t leave your mental health and wellness to chance when you can access a knowledgeable professional to guide you.  Knowing you have someone in your corner helps reduce stress so you can focus on recovery.

What is a Treatment Placement Specialist? The Treatment Specialist Is

The Treatment Specialist is team of compassionate addiction and mental health professionals who will work tirelessly to find you the best treatment provider for your needs.  The Treatment Specialist works with a wide variety of programs, from 12-step programs to holistic non 12 step programs, luxury rehabs, detox services, faith-based programs, pet friendly rehabs, teen programs, inpatient and outpatient programs.  Contact us today for your free, confidential assessment, free insurance check, and free treatment locator services.  Call the Treatment Specialist at (866) 644-7911.

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