erasing stigma

Erasing Stigma and Reducing Barriers to Addiction Treatment

Erasing Stigma around Addiction and Mental Health Conditions is Key Stigma associated with drug addiction has deterred individuals from getting the help they need to get their lives back on track. According to a John Hopkins University study performed back in 2014, negative attitudes towards people with drug abuse problems were higher than those towards […]

Suicide Warnings Signs

Suicide Warning Signs and Need for Depression Treatment

Dramatic Increase in Suicide Rates and Need for Depression Treatment High profile suicides continue to capture the latest headlines.  In recent weeks, news reports announced the deaths by suicide of D.J. and producer, Avicii; designer, Kate Spade; and CNN celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain.  These suicide deaths follow closely on the heels of The Cranberries lead […]

Why You Should Avoid Self Medicating for Mental Illness

Addiction is rooted in brain chemistry. In fact, one of the leading causes for the development of an addiction is based on the pre-existing mental condition of an individual. Often times, an individual who has a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness will self-medicate to treat themselves, most commonly using drugs and alcohol. There are plenty […]

Opioid Dependence Rehabilitation

Opioid Dependence Rehabilitation

Overcoming an opioid or opiate dependency may seem like an impossible dream during active addiction.  The body literally demands constant replenishment of the drug just to be able to get through the day without horrible withdrawal symptoms surfacing.  But the truth is, people are making their way well into recovery from an opioid dependency each […]

clonazepam withdrawal symptoms list

Clonazepam Withdrawal Symptoms List

Clonazepam, under the brand name of Klonopin, is a tranquilizer often prescribed to aid individuals who suffer from panic attacks or seizures.  Clonazepam is in the benzodiazepine family of Schedule IV drugs that happen to be highly addictive, so should only be prescribed for a short-term period. Unfortunately, the drug also produces a euphoric high […]

detoxing from benzos in hospitals

Detoxing From Benzos in Hospitals and Residential Treatment Programs

Benzodiazepines (aka benzos) are a class of drugs used primarily to help patients struggling with anxiety or insomnia.  The drugs are commonly dispensed under the brand names Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, Halcion, and Valium.  They are fast-acting, inexpensive sedatives that provide swift relief for these legitimate medical issues.  The problem is, benzos are also highly addictive […]

Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

America is a nation of pill poppers.  In 2017, over 4 billion—yes, billion—retail prescription drugs were filled at pharmacies, according to the Kaiser Foundation.  Fueling these numbers is the continual onslaught of pharmaceutical commercials that beckon consumers to take a pill for this and a pill for that, each with a long list of adverse […]

How to Help Someone With Depression and Alcoholism

How to Help Someone With Depression and Alcoholism

There is nothing so heartbreaking as to watch a loved one suffering from a dual diagnosis of alcoholism and depression. These two demons often go hand in hand, and help explain why there is such a high suicide rate among alcoholics. The depression may have been the spark that led to your loved one’s attempt […]

Private Treatment Centers for Depression

Private Treatment Centers for Depression

It is an unfortunate reality that mental health disorders still carry a stigma.  Fear of others finding out about one’s battle with depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition can deter the individual from getting the help they need.  This barrier to treatment can have devastating effects as the mental illness can become progressively more […]

Signs of Severe Depression

8 Signs of Severe Depression

8 Signs of Severe Depression When someone is in the grip of depression they may not even be aware of how serious their condition has become.  More often than not it is a loved one who becomes alarmed at the increasing severity of the individual’s depression symptoms who reaches out to get them help.  There […]