What is a Non 12 Step Program

What is a Non 12 Step Program

When looking at options for drug rehabilitation, non 12-step program options are available. Non 12-step rehab is a newer concept that people are looking into, and it may just have more benefits than a traditional 12-step program. Whether looking for an alcohol non 12-step rehab or non 12-step rehab programs for drugs, it’s best to know what a 12-step program consists of, so you can compare all of your options.

Tailored to a Person’s Individual Needs

As opposed to programs consisting of a non 12-step programs, 12-step rehabs are all structured the same. Non 12-step programs take a different approach. They might be better suited for certain people. The 12-step approach always follows the same pattern despite a person’s individual needs, preferences, situation and personality.

What is a 12 Step Program

The first step to one of these programs is admitting you have a problem. You not only addressing the fact that alcohol or drugs are a problem, but you are also admitting that you’re powerless over the substance and that your life has reached a point that it’s become unmanageable. The next step is to find something that is more powerful than yourself and that this higher power such as God or Allah may restore sanity. This is basically letting yourself realize that you’re not alone. Once you do this, step number three is to turn your life over to the higher power. This isn’t easy for some people to do since they feel their lives are out of control. They may actually blame a higher power or have lost all faith because of their problem or the other issues that developed as a result of the dependency.

After developing faith that a higher is going to stand beside you, it’s then time to start soul searching and taking the necessary steps to evaluating yourself and improving your life. The fourth step is to start soul searching and taking a moral inventory. It’s a difficult step, but it’s one that helps a person to understand what they’ve done. You’re now getting in touch with your guilt, regret, anger and embarrassment.

The next step is to admit to the higher power, yourself and to another human being the extent of your wrong doings. You admit and take ownership of your negative behaviors in the past. You oftentimes have an opportunity to write to your sponsor regarding these mistakes. The next two steps involve having the higher power remove these defects or shortcomings. This once again allows the recovering addict to rely on someone who is more powerful for guidance, support and strength.

The eighth step of the process is to make a list of the people who you harmed while you were addicted. This includes the people you lied to, stole from or hurt in any way. You have to be willing to make amends with every one of them for anything negative you did to them. Step number nine consists of actually confronting them and making amends. The exceptions include when the confrontation may end with you or someone else being injured. You have to understand that these people who you are making amends with may not forgive you.

The next step entails continuously taking a personal inventory and promptly admitting when you are wrong. Step 11 is using prayer and meditation to improve your contact with a higher power. The final step is having a spiritual awakening because of the other steps. The final step encourages you to help others in their journey to recovery.

The Differences of a Non 12 Step Program

For some who don’t believe in a higher power and don’t want to seek out one, a non 12-step rehab might be better suited for them. They learn other ways to cope rather than looking toward God.

Overall, deciding between a 12-step program and a non 12-step program means figuring out if a spiritual awakening aligns with your beliefs. There are non 12-step alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs that use activities, meditation and therapy as the focal point of the recovery. It’s always best to take into consideration personal beliefs and what will be most effective since the ultimate goal is a successful recovery, not just completion of a program.

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