Caffeine Withdrawal

Although that innocent Starbucks habit may seem as innocuous as drinking water, the surprising fact is that caffeine is a […]

librium alcohol withdrawal

Both alcohol addiction and alcohol withdrawal are dangerous conditions with potentially fatal consequences. Untreated alcoholism will progress relentlessly until it […]

seroquel addiction symptoms

Squirrel, Susie Q, Q-ball, Baby Heroin, and Quell.  These are the street names for an atypical antipsychotic drug called Seroquel. […]

symptoms of OD on Xanax

It is very common for someone who is going through a particularly stressful life event to rely on Xanax (alprazolam) […]

What is the Alcohol Detox Timeline

What is the Alcohol Detox Timeline? When persistent, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to alcohol addiction or dependency, it can […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

Managing Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures When someone with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) decides to get sober there are some important […]

Signs of Alcoholism

10 Warning Signs of Alcoholism A nagging voice in your head seems to suggest that you or a loved one […]

Dilaudid Withdrawal Remedies

Most Effective Dilaudid Withdrawal Remedies Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is a Schedule II prescription narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain. […]

Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

Receive Help and Treatment for OxyContin Addiction and Dependency Oxycodone has been a go-to pain reliever for medical practitioners for […]

Withdrawal Symptoms from Heroin

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms from Heroin Heroin.  Who knew that this powerful opiate would rise from the ashes of the 1970s […]